Your Clients Are Looking For You…

Help Them Find You!

we’ve all had that moment…

when you turn to Google, click a link, and your eyes well up with joy because you found exactly what you needed to solve your problem. 

Almost like somebody read your mind & knew what you needed, before you even knew it yourself.

That’s love at first search.

We help women-owned businesses create more of those moments!

Using simple SEO strategies, we teach you to:

  • create intentional, strategic content
  • show up in search results 
  • get more leads for your services
  • sell more digital products 
When we’re done with you, you’ll be exactly the answer your clients are searching for!
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Get your FREE guide full of fun tips (and flow charts, mad libs, and references to The Office to get found on Google… without needing a degree in nerdspeak.

Sick of social?
Ads averse?
Never networker?

Modern marketing can feel like a never-ending cycle of creating, posting, tweeting, chatting, and advertising — and it can start to make you feel a little, well, desperate.

Like you’re looking for love in all the wrong places…
But when your website is set up for search, your ideal customers come looking for you.

When you show up as the exact answer they’re looking for, right when they need it, well… it’s…

It’s not just about showing up in search, because there’s a difference between being found and being seen.

You want to be seen by the right people at the right moment – the moment that they’re actively searching for the answers you provide – so you can educate them, help them, and frankly…

… change the freakin’ world.


I can show you how to get more visitors to your website who are looking for exactly what you have to offer through simple techniques and strategies.

I’m Meg casebolt (she/her), and I’ll be the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope…

(Or the Monica to your Rachel… the Willow to your Buffy… the Miranda to your Carrie…)

Think of me as your business bestie who will totally binge The Good Place with you and who happens to also really geek out about SEO.

Bring me all your awkward or embarrassing questions about how to show up in Google results to be found by more of the perfect people you want to work with. 
I amplify the content of female entrepreneurs with powerful SEO (that’s “search engine optimization,” aka “getting found on Google”) strategies that are easy and fun to implement and maintain, to attract more clients & customers who are looking for their services or want to learn from them.

When I started learning about SEO, it felt like it was a testosterone-filled landscape of weird acronyms, spammy tactics, and expensive tools and strategies. 

And I saw tons of smart, successful womxn entrepreneurs hustling way too hard to build a business that would do their vision justice — and struggling with the fiddly technical bits.  They were asking:

  • How do I help my dream customers find my site exactly when they’re ready for me? 
  • How do I stop wasting time constantly marketing myself and spend more time doing the work I love?
  • How do I get off the creation hamster wheel and stop spending my life posting content on social media, working 24/7, or investing my life savings in advertising?
So I started working with women like you to find the resources and support you need to do more of the work you’re called to do in this world — and less time hustling to constantly post something new that will lose its reach within a few hours. (I’m looking at you, Twitter.)

Your ideal people are out there…

… and they’re looking for the amazing ways you can help them.

So when they search for the answer to their problems, let’s make it EASY for them to find you and have their own “OMG!” love at first search moment.  

but unless you’ve set up your website to be found, you’re invisible.

And this is what Love at First Search is all about:

That moment of connection that happens when your customers discover that you are the perfect solution to their exact problem.

And if you can not just solve their current problem, but anticipate the next problem with your website and content? They become customers for life. #bizbesties.

How can we partner to build your business?

partner with us

For service providers (designers, copywriters & strategists) who want to include SEO in your client projects ... without needing to stress about learning it all yourself.


A collaborative process to understand your audience & plan your next three months of content together so that every post is aligned with your overall business goals. 


For businesses brand-new to SEO who want to start learning how to create love at first search for your customers — the easy way! Check out these resources to start creating your own SEO strategy.