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There’s nothing quite so off-putting as the person who spends all their time shouting about how awesome they are … yet that’s what modern marketing has set us all up to do. 

We feel like we have to spend every waking moment posting content on social media or paying Zuckerburg every penny of our profits in advertising just to get the leads we need to keep the lights on…

And for many of us, it just feels… wrong. Uncomfortable. Inauthentic. And an expensive waste of time.  You don’t want to shout so that everybody’s looking at you; you just want to be seen by the right people. 

But there’s a better way!

Stop Selling Yourself Online. Let Google Do it For You.

My goal is to show you how to get more visitors to your website who are looking for exactly what you have to offer through simple techniques and strategies; to help you stop wasting time tooting your own horn, and start spending more of that time on the work that changes the world.

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Because let’s face it: a lot of women business owners unintentionally limit our own success. We think small. We don’t want to annoy anybody or disrupt the conversation by self-promoting.

…even if what we’re offering can genuinely help them.

We want people to find our products or services on their own, then fall in love with us… 

but we haven’t got a clue how to actually do that.

So we waste tons of time posting on social media, answering questions in groups, going to networking events — when that’s not where people tend to go first when they have a problem. 

They Google it.  

People need solutions at their fingertips and your business in front of their eyeballs.

    And when your website is set up to work with search, your ideal customers come looking for you. When you show up as the exact answer they’re looking for, right when they need it, well… it’s love at first search.

    and I’m here to show you how.

    I’m Meg Casebolt (she/her)

    And I’ve been helping female business owners like you create beautiful, search-friendly websites and strategic content for the past 6 years.

    I’m your no-B.S. bestie who makes it super easy for your dream customers to find – and adore! – you online, resulting in effortless web traffic, consistent customers, soaring profit and SO much more free time (and sanity)!

    But, of course, I wasn’t born understanding and loving SEO…

    I started my career with a decade working in communications for nonprofits big and small.

    I was accepted into the Peace Corps, and while I had a medical issue that prevented me from going anywhere, I used their Masters International program to get a Masters in Community Economic Development.

    From that work, I discovered a fascination with the process of empowerment — a lot of nonprofit communications is based in storytelling, and while that’s important, as a grant writer and fundraiser,

    I was focused on tracking metrics and measuring results.

    I thought I would always be working for nonprofits, maybe even running one someday…

    But as happens with so many of us, I got pregnant, looked at the numbers, and realized that it didn’t make financial sense to spend half my take-home pay on daycare. #sadtrombone

    So I left the job and started a successful design studio and spent the next few years immersed in the world of branding and web design. And while my clients and their audiences loved their new websites… 

      They weren’t getting found for their amazing work.

      And that’s when I started exploring SEO — because my clients had these incredible messages to spread, and I wanted to help them get seen by new audiences.
      For a long time, though, I felt a disconnect between my earlier goals (Change the world! Empower the disadvantaged!) and the work I was doing (Gain keywords! Improve conversion rates!).

      Finally, one day, it all clicked: Helping my clients — my badass female & non-binary entrepreneurs — to get seen and make money IS empowering. It’s community economic development at its core, because I’m helping leaders who have been marginalized for their gender to provide for their families & communities.

      There’s a quote that I first read in grad school & I love it so much I now have it hanging up in my office:

      “Money entering a household through a woman brings more benefits to the family & community as a whole.”

      – Mohammad Yunus, Banker to the Poor

      So I’ve hired a team of brilliant, ambitious, tech-savvy women to build an SEO agency. Together, we’ll spread the benefits & impact of this “slow & steady” marketing strategy to even more deserving businesses, headed by women & non-gender-conforming leaders.

      SEO is our agency’s vehicle for amplifying female & marginalized entrepreneurial voices and empowering leaders & to help their families, communities, and the wider world flourish.

      Our approach is simple.

      We don’t believe in quick-fix formulas that promise the world but break your heart when you realize they don’t work.

      We believe in cultivating genuine relationships and honoring them with smart strategy and strategic content that adds value. 

      So while you’re out loving on your clients and customers, we’re here to make it easier for entrepreneurs like you to succeed.

      meet the love at first search team

      who we are

      The Love At First Search team is made up of badass, ambitious women from all over the world, dedicated to helping online businesses run by entrepreneurs who are women, woman-identified or from marginalized communities (including BIPOC & LGBTQIA).

      We work entirely remotely from our homes in the US, Canada & the UK. Our HQ is in Rochester, NY.

      meet our seo team

      Sabrina Burner (she/her)

      Sabrina Burner (she/her)

      senior seo strategist

      INFJ | Groton, CT

      Monique Boutsiv (she/her)

      Monique Boutsiv (she/her)

      seo strategist

      Kincardine, ON, Canada

      Homeschool support: Living Life & Learning

      Alyssa Rios (she/her)

      Alyssa Rios (she/her)

      seo strategist

      INFJ | Lathrop, CA

      Vegan recipes: Plant Based & Broke

      Jennifer Mayormita (she/her)

      Jennifer Mayormita (she/her)

      seo strategist

      meet our marketing & admin team

      megan condello (she/her)

      megan condello (she/her)

      operations director

      Fairport, NY

      jocelyn koury (she/her)

      jocelyn koury (she/her)

      content marketing coordinator

      INFJ | Braintree, Mass

      Crochet apparel & accessories: The Cozy Tangerine

      sheena mckay (she/her)

      sheena mckay (she/her)

      client success support

      ESTP | LaSalle, Ontario

      our core values

      • INCLUSION: Nobody should be left out of the benefits of search traffic because they don’t feel tech-savvy enough, employ large content marketing teams, or have 5 figures to invest in a marketing agency.
      • INTEGRITY: The online marketing space is full of false promises. We commit to conducting our sales, marketing and communication with honesty, accountability & respect.
      • PLAYFULNESS: Just because SEO is technical doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! We’ll find ways to explain complex topics in clear, memorable ways.
      • INNOVATIVE: We don’t do things “because everyone does it that way.” If there’s an alternative that works better for our team or our clients, we’re willing to explore possibilities.
      • GROWTH: Nobody knows everything, so we’re committed to continuous learning and evolution.
      • COLLABORATION: Whether within the team, with strategic partners, or with clients, we know we’re stronger together.
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