In last week’s episode, we had a “behind the scenes” look at Lacy Boggs’ new business comedy radio show, Ace Stone, Marketing Detective. Lacey shared that a way of promoting her podcast is to do a “feed share”, which is sending the audio of the first episode to other podcasts, which then share it on their feeds. So today’s episode is the first episode of Lacy’s new podcast, Ace Stone, Marketing Detective – The Case of the Missing Content.

Lacy Boggs is a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, Make a Killing With Content, and the mastermind behind the podcast, “Ace Stone, Marketing Detective. As director of The Content Direction Agency, she helps small business owners create and implement content marketing strategy that feels like a playground for ideas and results in deceptively powerful nurture content to create massive growth. 

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Meg Casebolt 0:01
You’re listening to social slowdown a podcast for entrepreneurs and micro businesses looking for sustainable marketing strategies without being dependent on social media. Social media is a double edged sword. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected. But it also can feel like an addictive obligation. And it’s even more complex for businesses, your audience might be right there, but you’ve got to fight with algorithms to maybe be seen by them. So whether you want to abandon social media altogether, or you just want to take a month off, it’s possible to have a thriving business without being dependent on social media. This podcast is all about finding creative, sustainable ways to engage with your audience without needing to lip sync, send a cold DMS, run ads or be available 24/7. Let’s get started. Hello, my friends, we are releasing this episode The week of December 20. So if you’re listening in real time, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah. We wanted to make this kind of a lighthearted and fun episode this week for those of you who are listening during the holiday season. And also if you listen to last week’s episode, where I did a behind the scenes with Lacey Boggs about her business comedy radio show a stone marketing detective, you probably already know what’s coming this week because I talked about it at the end of that episode. Lacey shared that part of the her way of promoting her podcast was to do what’s called a feed share, which is that she will send the audio of the first episode of her radio show two other podcasts and then they can just share it on their feeds. So it shares that it keeps our algorithm moving so that way we do still have a weekly podcast coming out. And it’s kind of just a fun way to enjoy. You know if you’re cooking this week, or you want to relax a little bit. It’s a fun light hearted quick episode. So just wanted to give you an explanation of why you’re going to be hearing a lot of different fun radio show voices. As we share this week. The first episode of ACE stone marketing detective by Lacey Boggs definitely head back and listen for more behind the scenes about that episode in our last episode. And if you want to find out more, we’ll make sure to include links to the rest of the series. All eight episodes are available for that season one we’ll make sure to include that in the show notes. So Happy Holidays and enjoy a stone marketing detective.

Unknown Speaker 2:30
Calling all marketing fans calling all adventure fans, standby, marketing detective ace stone is on the air brought to you today by the Oxford comma the little punctuation mark that packs a big punch. Keep your list tidy and your sentences ambiguity free with a comma that keeps things where they’re supposed to be. Ace is a great marketing detective, isn’t she? Have you noticed how fast her mind works like lightning, and so organized? I don’t know a better more enjoyable way to stay organized than using pure Oxford commas in every list you right. Be sure to ask your copywriter to use plenty of Oxford commas like a stone to keep your copy tidy and ambiguity free. The last time we left ace she just broken up Rex hack shells content farm where he was selling clickbait articles for pennies a page and left Rex for dead crushed to death by the weight of his own false promises. At least an examination showed that he was dead. But while he was being taken to the office of the medical examiner a strange thing happened. Hey, Joe, do you hear something moved back there? There now Sure I do. Relax, brother. These night shifts always make you jumpy. There’s no one back there except the dead man.

Unknown Speaker 4:03
Excuse me, gentleman. What the Don’t be alarmed. Is that is that the dead guy? You mean? The guy you thought was dead? I’m very much alive. And so is this gun in my hand. What are you gonna do to us? If you follow orders nothing. For now just keep driving until we get out of the city. Anything you

Unknown Speaker 4:24
say buddy? We’re here he was dead. And now he’s alive.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
I was never dead my friend. I was merely in a cataleptic trends the Canada a cataleptic trance. You see I’m able to use neuro linguistic programming to hypnotize myself as well as others. In fact, it’s one of the psychological tricks I use on readers to get them to do anything I want.

Unknown Speaker 4:52
With the cops will show us some funny

Unknown Speaker 4:55
about all this man, but perhaps you’d like me to demonstrate it on you No,

Unknown Speaker 5:00
no, you’re gonna do that. No matter that really, I believe, I believe. Don’t do that escaped, but we were sure he was dead. Yep, Ace Rex hack Shah must be a wizard to fake his own death like that.

Lacy Boggs 5:23
I don’t know about that. He says he uses the power of words to hypnotize people. Hack Shah is one of the shittiest marketers I’ve ever come across Scarface

Unknown Speaker 5:32
when we agreed to look into those clickbait articles. I had no idea what we’d be getting ourselves into.

Lacy Boggs 5:39
Neither did I. It’s opened up an entirely new area of investigation for our marketing detective agency. You mean

Unknown Speaker 5:46
the fake marketing strategies and worthless content he was peddling?

Lacy Boggs 5:50
That’s right. The interwebs are full of hyperbolic marketing promises being sold as the genuine article. It’s become a real problem

Unknown Speaker 5:59
and vicious racket. These racketeers act like they’re offering the secrets of the universe for $37. But actual information isn’t even worth the pixels. It’s printed on Yep.

Lacy Boggs 6:26
This is a stone. A? Sure. Send her in.

Unknown Speaker 6:33
Somebody to see us an old friend. Or should I say frenemy, Frenemy? Hello, Ciana

Unknown Speaker 6:42
ace. You’ve got to help me. I’m in such a bind.

Lacy Boggs 6:47
Olympia. This is a former client of mine. See Anna Wonderly. Nice to meet you see, Anna. This is my assistant Olympia work

Unknown Speaker 6:54
ace. This is serious. My notes her content is missing

Unknown Speaker 6:59
missing. What happened to it?

Unknown Speaker 7:01
Well, if I knew that, I wouldn’t be talking to you. Would I hit some emergency as my lunches in just two weeks?

Lacy Boggs 7:09
Two weeks? You should have come to me sooner. There’s not much I can do in just two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 7:15
Please, ace. Can’t you see I’m desperate. This will ruin me. I have to get this power program out into the world to create a community of women ready to uplevel their lives and tap into the feminine mystery. After all, we’ve been through together. I can’t trust anyone else. You’ve just got to help me.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
All right. All right. I’ll see what I can do. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 7:42
thank you. Thank you. Oh, voxeu all the details. must run. I’ve got a photoshoot in 10. Nice to meet you. Oliver. lovin nice.

Unknown Speaker 7:55
Ah, ace. Are you sure she’s our kind of client?

Lacy Boggs 8:01
Not remotely? Sure. No. But something about this case intrigues me. I think there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’m gonna head over to CNS place to see what I can dig up. Will you send out a weekly nurture emails for me while I’m gone?

Unknown Speaker 8:17
Sure thing. Just be careful. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
I always am

Unknown Speaker 8:34
Hello, oh, hello, Dick. Nowadays has a new client and she’s gone to check out the scene of the crime. Uh huh. Oh, I’ve got to send out some emails. What No, not love letters deck Get your mind out of the gutter bow right? Yes, I’ll tell her you call now I just need to select the right segment of email addresses for this week’s email

Unknown Speaker 9:03
not to worry yourself unduly about the addresses miss work. What? You will have no need for them. Rex

Unknown Speaker 9:11
hack Shaw. You?

Unknown Speaker 9:14
Yes, it is. I don’t look so surprised, my dear.

Unknown Speaker 9:19
What are you doing here?

Unknown Speaker 9:21
I want the missing content. Well, I haven’t got it. I know you haven’t. But you will get it for me. Me.

Unknown Speaker 9:32
I’m not working for you. I know that

Unknown Speaker 9:35
the key to a profitable launch is the right nurture content. And don’t pretend you don’t know it to. Miss Wonderly is sitting on a potential fortune. So I must have that content miss work and you will get it for me.

Unknown Speaker 9:53
If you want good content, you should create your own not steal it from someone else. I die won’t help You

Unknown Speaker 10:00
You will, because I will explain to you very carefully using my powers of neuro linguistic programming but pardon me, don’t you feel just a trifle sleepy miss work,

Unknown Speaker 10:17
why I

Unknown Speaker 10:19
of course you do sleep miss work, sleep and dream of how you are the only thing preventing you from stepping into your

Unknown Speaker 10:31
power stepping into my power what do

Unknown Speaker 10:35
you seek is also seeking

Unknown Speaker 10:38
you also seeking me

Unknown Speaker 10:42
and what’s seeking you now asleep sleep and now miss work you are completely under my influence. Do you understand that?

Unknown Speaker 10:57
I understand.

Unknown Speaker 10:59
I will now give you certain commands and you will carry them out. You will be unable to help yourself. You will find that you are forced to do what I command you to do while you are in this hypnotic trance you understand

Unknown Speaker 11:15
I will not be able to help myself. I must do as you command

Unknown Speaker 11:25
you will go about as if you were not hypnotized. But all the while you will be under my influence. And now miss work. This is what I command you to do. So that I may get my hands on the missing content.

Unknown Speaker 11:48
What Devil is scheme has Rex hack shell dreamed up now? Is Olympia really hypnotized? Will he succeed in getting the missing content or with a great marketing detective a stone out with him at his own game? Find out on the next a stone adventure brought to you today by the content direction agency

Unknown Speaker 12:15
did you know that the content direction agency are some of the good guys in the marketing world? That’s right a stone trust them to help citizen business owners like yourself. Create Sterling custom marketing plans and done for you content writing that doesn’t swindle, cheat or bamboozle your audience? Head to ace marketing on the interwebs to find all the bay stones adventures and learn more about how the good people at the content direction agency can help you create fun and compelling marketing strategies for your business that brings home the bacon and be sure to subscribe and tune in next time for another thrilling episode of a stone marketing detective. A stone marketing detective in the case of the missing content is a production of the content direction agency, written by Lacey Boggs directed by Joe Cuccinelli, starring Lacey Boggs as a stone Laura Jennings as Olympia work, Jason Cox as Rex Hak Shaw, Andrea Cox as Sienna Wonderly Todd Carruth as Christopher Duluth, Dylan Mobley as Brad the bro. Matthew Fisher as Dick looked good and just may ring as herself also featuring tests at compelling Joe Cuccinelli, Veronica de Ryan Jenkins, Tara Jenkins, and Sarah Rankin.

Meg Casebolt 13:39
Thank you so much for listening to the social slowdown podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe or come on over to social and sign up for our email list so you never miss an episode. We’d also love if you could write a review to help other small business owners find the show you can head over to social Or grab that link in our show notes for easy access. We’ll be back soon with more tips to help you market your business without being beholden to social media Talk to you then.

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