January 23-27, 2023

Social Slowdown Challenge

Whether you made a New Year’s Resolution to totally leave social media,
or you want to be more intentional about your marketing time and energy,

Join us January 23-27 for the Social Slowdown Challenge
to explore your business relationship with social media.

Now is the perfect time to re-assess your relationship with social media

January is a fresh start, a great time to explore what worked in 2022, what to bring forward into 2023, and what boundaries to build to improve outcomes, diminish wasted time & energy, and decrease burnout.

Together We’ll explore with self-compassion and grace

The social media landscape has changed drastically in the past few years … and keeps changing (like Elon Musk destroying Twitter and possible TikTok bans), and it feels nearly impossible for us as small business owners to keep up with all the changes.

Not to mention that these platform’s algorithms are meant to be addictive and cause massive comparisonitis and FOMO. Social media marketing can have a massive negative impact on our mental health.

So what can we do to continue to grow our businesses, diversify our marketing, and protect our precious time, energy and mental health resources?

That’s what we’ll be exploring January 23-27, 2023 in the Social Slowdown Challenge.

How does the Challenge work?

Every morning from January 23-27, we’ll release a 20-30 minute podcast episode.
If you’re already subscribed, it’ll show up in your existing feed; if you’re not, subscribe now!

If you just want to follow along with the podcast prompts, that’s awesome.

Or if you want to delve deeper, join the free challenge to be part of our online Circle community, come to daily roundtable Zoom discussions (every weekday at 12pm EST), download free worksheets, and more! 


Some topics we’ll discuss:

Time & energy management

Social media can feel like an exhausting hamster wheel. Figure out how to reclaim your energy.

Boundary setting

Come up with a plan to help your marketing support your mental health instead of diminishing it.

Lead gen tracking

If you figure out where your best traffic and leads are coming from it can be feel less scary to release what isn’t working.

Content & repurposing

By utilizing content across platforms, you’ll spend less time creating new content for multiple channels.

Let’s Get Started

Re-think your social media & marketing strategy

It’s easy to complain about how annoying social media is (but still doomscrolling Instagram and binging TikTok every night).

What if instead, you decided to start exploring how to align your values with your marketing efforts?