SEO Flash Review

You’re overwhelmed by all the ways to tell people about your amazing business.

You wish you had x-ray vision to see what’s happening behind the scenes:

⚡️How are people finding you?

⚡️ What are they searching for?

⚡️What’s working … and what’s wasting your time?

You want to know how your business is performing.

But finding and searching through the data is a time-consuming headache.

Introducing the

⚡️flash review ⚡️

A snapshot of how people are finding you online
packed into a 15-minute walk-through video.

Book now for only $197

I can’t believe how amazing this 15-minute video was. Meg fit so much compelling info into such a quick evaluation.

I’m about to head off to meet with my client, and I feel super equipped to have a really powerful conversation. Meg truly is a superhero.

Justine Sones

Business Strategy & Support

Natalie Taylor, The Missing InkMeg walked through the traffic on my site, made sense of the data that I don’t understand, and confirmed some hunches I had (that she could back up with data).

Meg explained not just what she saw in the data, but why it was happening and what it meant for my business.

I was afraid I’d be overwhelmed, but after watching this video, I understand my website so much better … and I get to exhale because Meg gave me real talk about what I need to do next (and what I can ignore).

Natalie Taylor

Copywriter, The Missing Ink

So how does this work?

  1. You fill out the form below
  2. I’ll send you a link to sign a contract and invoice
  3. I’ll also send a short questionnaire to find out exactly what you’re struggling with (so I can pinpoint the data to answer your questions)
  4. Within a week of receiving your answers, you’ll receive a 15-minute video-walkthrough of changes you can make to your website TODAY to make it more Google-friendly
Although Meg didn’t know anything about my business, she has an amazing ability to identify exactly what was holding me back and give me recommendations on how to fix it.

Meg narrowed down my problem and provided a clear, actionable solution in a just few minutes.

I implemented one of her suggestions within a day and I’ve received amazing responses from my customers! I’d highly working with Meg, you won’t regret it!

Monica Froese

Redefining Mom

Corey Ayres, 3 Side DesignMeg’s quick review enabled me to confidently take the next step toward my businesses success. She  gave me sound advice on how to move forward a way that is ideal for me.

Meg’s laser focus on my business goals showed me that her passion lies in helping me succeed.

I will absolutely come back for her trusted wisdom!

Corey Ayres

3 Side Design

What This Is:

3-4 actionable items you can take today

These are the questions I’ll answer for you:

  • How many people found your business on in the last month?
  • What keywords did they click on to get to your website?
  • How much of the traffic is coming via Google versus other sources (social media, linking websites)?

1-2 updates you can make TODAY to make yourself more findable

Most of the time, this is a suggestion to improve your highest performing page or blog, to help it drive even more traffic to your site.

A low-commitment way to try each other out!

It’s hard for either of us to know if you need SEO support before I actually get into the weeds & take a look behind the scenes of your business … and i don’t want you to commit to working with me if I can’t be useful to the long-term growth of your business.

What This Is NOT:

A deep dive into your business

I won’t look at:

  • historical trends
  • site performance
  • conversion rates, or
  • anything that requires extensive analysis

If those things could be useful, I’ll let you know, but this will be a high-level overview.

A deep dive into your business

I can talk and write about SEO for days, and support my suggestions with charts, graphs, and research.

This Flash review is not the place for that.

A hard sell

I’m not going to tell you that we absolutely need to work together. If we’re not a good fit, I’ll let you know. If I think you need to do something else before you think about SEO, I’ll share that belief (and probably a referral if you need one).

And if I do think I could help your business grow, I’ll explain what that would look like. But it will be a conversation, not a pitch.