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free leads on autopilot

5-day conversion challenge to help your website turn readers to leads
May 25-28
You’ve spent so much time making your website beautiful and packing it with valuable content.

But does your website bring you new clients?

Your website should be your best employee, bringing you leads & sales around the clock. Like Jim Halpert without the pranks.

during this free 5-day challenge you’ll learn …

  • 3 different actions you can drive your readers to take
  • how track exactly how many readers are doing what you want
  • the most profitable pages on your website
  • how to configure your user flow to maximize leads, sales and subscriptions



  • a free, live workshop (May 28) to walk-through the process to improve your website performance, in real time
  • a community Facebook group to get additional support

don’t write another blog post until you have a plan to
capture readers’ info and turn them to clients.

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