march – april 2020


it’s a hard time to be an entrepreneur.

It’s always hard to run a successful business.  A global pandemic makes it even harder.

Sales are down. People are too nervous to invest in your services.

Social distancing means you can’t head to networking events & conferences to drum up more leads.

You’re stuck at home, working part time with kids climbing all over you.

After years of hustling, you finally (unfortunately) have some time to work on your business & website … but you don’t know where to start. 

You know that there could be steps you could take to make your website better, to help it show up in search results, so that when the economy rebounds, you’ll be ready …

… but right now, your finances are too tight to invest in 1:1 services. or even a course.

So here are some options to help you improve your website to get more search traffic on a budget:

Self-Paced Mini Course:

seo set-up success

Building a great website is really freaking hard.

Set yourself up for success with this short & succinct step-by-step training to help you show up on the first page of search results.

Pay What You Can until April 30, 2020

(value: $297, min payment: $25)

Free Weekly Trainings:

These will be held on YouTube Live on Thursdays at 1pm EST.

  • March 19 – What is SEO, how can it help you?
  • March 26 – What’s a keyword & how do I find them?
  • April 2 – Titles and headlines and meta descriptions, oh my!
  • April 9 – Google Analytics: What’s working on your site?
  • April 16 – Technical seo: fast, cheap & easy fast, secure & user-friendly
  • April 23 – Google My Business: Local SEO secret weapon
  • April 30 – Backlinks: The Internet’s popularity content

^ Subject to change based on public health factors & toddler nap time.

Small group SEO support:

community training

Know a group of entrepreneurs that could use some SEO support?

<– Put me in, coach!

You bring the audience, I’ll bring the GIFs.

Download your free SEO Starter Kit

FINALLY! A guide that makes Search Engine Optimization easy… and actually *gasp* FUN!

Get your FREE guide full of fun tips (and flow charts, mad libs, and references to The Office to get found on Google… without needing a degree in nerdspeak.