Social Slowdown

A podcast for entrepreneurs & microbusinesses looking for sustainable marketing strategies … without being dependent on social media.

Market your business without being beholden to social media

Social media is a double-edged sword. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected … but it also feels like an addictive obligation.

And it’s even more complex for businesses. Your audience might be right there … but you’ve gotta fight with algorithms to maybe be seen by them.

Whether you want to abandon Facebook altogether or just want to take a month off LinkedIn, it is possible to have a thriving business without social dependence.

This podcast is all about finding creative, sustainable ways to engage with your audience … without needing to lipsync, send cold DMs, run ads or be available 24/7.

Recent Episodes

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You have a fabulous new idea for a blog post (or podcast or video) that you think your audience would loooooove. Beyond sharing it with your existing audience on social media and by email, you also want this content to help you get found by a new people, ideally...

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As an entrepreneur, who DOESN'T want to get better clients with bigger budgets? Well in this week's podcast episode, Ilise Benun tells us exactly how she helps her clients do just that. We discuss:  How to bring your creativity to the business side of your biz...

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