Listen, I get it:

You feel like the marketing your business is hard, and it’s a constant grind to figure out what works (and why what’s working for someone else doesn’t work for you)

You’re pressured to constantly push new content to social media, yet struggle to get consistent leads

You’re annoyed at how long blog posts take to write, because they don’t feel worth the time spent writing them

You don’t know where to focus your marketing energy & budget (Social? Email? Facebook ads? Networking?)

You’ve invested in becoming the best at what you do. But marketing — and easily getting your website in front of your ideal clients — wasn’t one of your classes

But what if I told you there’s a better way? Imagine this:

Your content is working for you around the clock, even when you’re not pushing it out to your social media network.

You have confidence in the topics that you’ve selected to write about, because you know what your ideal clients are looking for.

You know how to track how well your website is performing, and you’re excited to see your traffic growing slowly & steadily as you generate & publish more excellent content.

You’re getting new traffic — and more important, qualified leads — coming into your website, instead of needing to rely on word-of-mouth referrals or expensive ads

I’m here to tell you:

Getting new leads doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or complex.

You can increase your search traffic yourself, and you can get pretty damn good at it. 

You just need a guide. You need:

SEO Keyword Sidekick

Get SEO-Savvy, make Google fall in love with you, and create content that gets you found

I love the way Meg puts together information. The examples make it easy to understand, and I feel like I can take action on the trainings very quickly.
For the past couple of years, I’ve been looking for a trustworthy SEO resource that doesn’t feel overly or purposefully complicated. I’m so grateful Meg is showing up in this space.
Kathleen Rass

Product & Operations Consultant,

This SEO Keyword Sidekick course was the best investment of my time and money all year. Thank you!

Kim Healy

Copywriter, Brainstorming the Castle

Who is this for?

  • You’re a service-based entrepreneur who has been in business for 3-5 years
    (this course is not for e-commerce sites or SaaS companies)
  • You understand the foundations of content marketing, but you strugge to write blogs that connect with you audience.
  • Your business is successful, but it feels like a constant struggle to be SEEN and FOUND by your ideal clients.

What’s included in the course:

  • My brain, hands on, in your SEO! Future versions of the course won’t get nearly as much 1:1 attention (Value: $3,500)
  • Weekly group Q&A calls (Value: $500)
  • Private FB group to ask questions on demand
  • Lifetime access to the course

What I expect from you:

  • I need your honest feedback, your confused faces, your endless questions.
  • Your presence & feedback on group calls & live trainings
  • Your time invested in the course, alongside me, to help shape the content as we go

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or 2 payments of $275

Be a Human, Creating for Humans

Dig into the internet’s watering holes to find out how people are talking about your topic, and/or to ask your audience what they’re struggling with so you can meet their needs.

Topics Covered:

  • Brainstorm the topics you want to discuss
  • Use free tools to discover what people are talking about & how they’re phrasing it
  • Benefits of survey to your audience to ask what they need
Discover Your Current Strengths

Now that our Analytics has had time to gather data, let’s see (a) where your traffic is coming from, and (b) what search terms are point to your site. Topics Covered:

  • Generate a list of what is currently driving traffic to your site using Google Search Console click data and any ranking data you have
  • Review the “near miss” queries — what are you ranking for but not seeing any clicks?
Find the Right Words

This is what people think of when they say “Keyword research!” We’ll use some of my favorite tools to explore your chosen topic, to align the way you talk with the way people search Topics Covered:

  • Update the list we’ve made in weeks 2-3 to include search volume & competitive metrics
  • Explore keyword research tools to look for new keyword groups, alternate phrases, common modifiers and long-tail permutations.
  • Discover tactics to find keywords nationally, as well as targeted to your local area
Plan Your Content

You have your keywords. Now what do you DO with them? Time to make a plan. Topics Covered:

  • Organize best keywords: Categorize your keywords in a way that will be simple and useful (audience-type, phase of the funnel, end product, sales cycle).
  • Content strategy – what are you building towards?
  • Choose 1-4 primary keywords to target for each page based on a careful balance between keyword difficulty, relevance, and search volume
Optimize Like Crazy

Let’s get writing (or recording your podcast, or producing your video). How can you make your content compelling, searchable, and click-worthy, without sound like a robot? Topics Covered:

  • Headline strategy
  • On-page SEO tactics (meta descriptions, URL, images, etc)
  • Cross-linking and external linking
  • Publish, promote, repurpose
Lather, Rinse, Repeat

SEO is never really done. Every month or quarter, find some time to do maintenance on your content. Topics Covered:

  • Update old posts (Google loves fresh content!)
  • Dead links & opportunities for new internal links
  • Choose new keywords that are performing better & re-optimize

Join now for $497

or 2 payments of $275