One of the worst feelings is spending hours writing a blog post or filming a video just to see it flop. If you’re an entrepreneur or simply someone who creates content, finding out what your audience wants can seem like a pain if you don’t know where or how to start.

That’s where keyword research comes in.

“But how do I do keyword research?” you may ask.

One of the most effective tools I use when doing my keyword research is the Keywords Everywhere plugin.

what is the keywords everywhere plugin?

To give a quick overview of Keywords Everywhere, it’s an add-on for your browser that shows you related searches, specific keywords people are searching for, monthly search volume, and more.

In my full review of Keywords Everywhere, I talk about how it’s so helpful when doing keyword research using Google – and why I love it so much. I also talk about what criteria you should look for in a keyword, and how to evaluate the data including the three metrics, VOL, CPC, and CMP.

Wait, Keywords Everywhere Can Be Used for YouTube Keyword Research Too?!

Yep. It’s not just for Google! Let’s see how it works:

How to use Keywords Everywhere

Visit and download the Chrome or Firefox extension.

Even before you pay for an account, you’ll be able to see related search terms and trend data pop right up on your screen.

To get even more juicy info about your keywords, sign up for an account (the 100K searches for $10 should be plenty!); they’ll email you an API code that you can copy-paste into your browser extension to apply the credits to your account.

Then head up to your extensions and turn it on:

Once you’ve got the plugin turned on, let’s take a look at an example search. Let’s type in “Leg workout” on YouTube. In the right-hand corner, this would appear:

As you can see, the data just automatically showed up! You can see the maximum views for “leg workout”, average views, and average age. You can also see YouTube trend data over time. This will help you position yourself on what to put in your title, video description, and tags.

Another neat thing Keywords Everywhere shows you are related keywords, so you can get some ideas about things you may not have thought of.

keywords everywhere related keywords

For example, maybe in this case, you see that a lot of people searched for “leg workout at home”, so instead of creating content based on working out at a gym, you create content based around a home workout.

You see, the secret to converting sales and overall searchability both in Youtube and in Google is about positioning yourself in right place by learning the right “keywords” to use. Now that you know how to use Keywords Everywhere – it’s time to test it out and see the magic for yourself! 

And if you want more keyword research advice, check out my free SEO Starter Kit: