It’s not enough for your marketing to be seen.

You want your ideal clients to

find your website,

figure out they need you,

and fall in love.

Join this dedicated group of service providers, coaches, course creators & thought leaders as we:

💕 build websites that get leads who buy, not browse

💕 create empathetic copy and searchable content

💕 lead our clients closer to Happily Ever After.

Posting nonstop on social media feels like competing for “Most Popular” … or even worse: “Class Clown.”

What if instead, you were striving for “Most Likely to Succeed?”

🤐 Here’s a secret Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want you to know:

There’s no direct correlation between clients and follower count.

You don’t need to go viral, have a million followers, or be internet-famous to be successful.


What’s the secret to consistent clients without nonstop social?
A website that brings people from search to sold.

💣 Truth Bomb: Your ideal clients are out there ready for you right now.

They have a problem that you can solve, and they’re actively searching for a way to fix it by heading to Google, YouTube or their podcast app to find an expert.

🤩 If your perfect leads can find you →

Your website, videos &/or podcast episodes can help them get to know you, trust you, and get ready to work with you.

🙈 If they can't find you →

Your dream leads will hire your competitors, who may be louder but less qualified … and their hair definitely isn’t as cute as yours. 💁🏻‍♀️

Be found by the right people, at the right time, with the right budget.
Then win them over with your strategic content and clear copy.

Step 1: Find

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Discover the exact phrases that your potential clients are using (this process is called keyword research) and adjust your website so Google can easily read it & your ideal clients are eager to learn more.

Step 2: Familiarize

Strategic content strategy: Once you know what your potential clients are searching for: Create search-friendly content (pages, blogs, video, audio, images) that meets them where they are & guides them deeper into your world.

Step 3: Fall in Love

Relationship building: Invite them to take a small action, like an email subscription so you can send love notes or a discovery call first date. That can turn your marketing into a dialogue, and they can choose whether to purchase.

SEO isn’t just a formula you follow to game the system.

🚦 It’s not about adding the Yoast plugin to your website, tweaking random things ‘til the light turns green and calling it a day.

🤖 It’s not about posting AI-generated articles stuffed to the brim with keywords you think your ideal audience is (maybe? sorta?) searching for.

👀 It’s definitely not about driving hordes of random eyeballs to your website… only to realize the people who are finding you either bounce right off or aren’t a fit for what you offer.

The way I teach SEO is centered around an empathetic understanding of the people you serve, and using that awareness to cultivate genuine relationships.

We’ll honor those relationships with smart strategy and insanely valuable content that makes Google (and your perfect clients) fall truly, madly, deeply in love with you… faster than you think.

“Within 3 months of following the Love At First Search system, my search traffic tripled.”

I quickly learned that people weren’t searching for “play cafe” (which is what I’d always said). Instead, I discovered and learned how to rank for the terms my customers are actually looking for (like “indoor playground”).

Now I regularly see 300+ visitors/mo from Google & YouTube, and within four months of creating intentional content, I made $7,000 from people who found me on Google.

Michele Caruana

Play Cafe Academy

“So many new clients that I tripled my rates!”

I joined this program in September 2019, and by December, I saw a dramatic increase in clients, about half from Google search and the rest from referrals.

I raised my prices in January and then in June, and I am busier than ever without needing to market all the time.

Four years later, I still get qualified clients from that initial research, and now that I understand how SEO works, I’ve made updates to my site to continue being found by more perfect clients.

Not to mention, I’ve been off social media since May 2020. I no longer carry juggling that burden! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Katie Vaughn

Sports Nutritionist,

“People aren’t just finding my website on Google … now they’re actually hiring me!”

I’ve always been able to get plenty of search traffic — writing about sex means plenty of people are looking for free advice! — but before Love At First Search, I couldn’t get those people to buy my products or hire me for coaching.

During the program, I adjusted how I talk about my services and changed the way I promote my products … and now the people who are finding me on Google aren’t reading blog posts and leaving, they’re actually hiring me!

Kait Scalisi

Sex Coach & Sexual Health Educator,

While you’re busy loving up your clients (and trying to have a life)…

We’re here to help you create a consistent, sustainable flow of ideal customers that makes it easier for you to get found — and get paid to make your mark on the world.

Let’s make it happen together in…

The Content Love Lab membership

Get more of the right attention on your business,
showcase your expertise and turn visitors into
loved-up buyers with relationship-focused SEO.

(Not included with purchase: having to parade around on the internet
for approximately 11 million hours a week.)

“Within a year of joining, my website traffic doubled, filling my design studio with eager, perfect-fit clients.”

The content feedback is amazing because when you are so deep in your own business, it can be hard to think like a customer who doesn’t know as much as you. Meg brings that perspective and helps you speak their language. 

The live group calls are so helpful. I was surprised how much I learned from other business owners in the community, the questions they asked, and the advice Meg gave them.

Take it from someone who buys a lot of programs without finishing them … this membership is worth every penny.

Lilli Keinaenen

Design Strategist for Cannabis Businesses,

What’s included in the Content Love Lab membership?

We have 3 pricing tiers based on how much support you desire.

Every membership includes:

Access to Self-Paced Courses

You’ll get instant access to lessons inside the private learning area to teach you SEO best practices, designed to be implemented while you learn. Courses include:

  • SEO Set-up Success → Intro to SEO for your key pages
  • SEO Homepage Copywriting → Keyword research & SEO copywriting  for the most visited page of your site
  • Attract & Activate → our signature course to develop your own keyword-driven content strategy

Videos are short and to the point, so you can quickly get into action. And if you get stuck along the way? We’re here to support you while you get back on track.

Live Q&A Office Hours (2x/mo)

Every other week, we’ll meet live on Zoom to answer questions that come up for you as you work through the course.

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy, so you’ll not only get customized answers about how to apply the lessons to your business, but you’ll hear advice for future opportunities.

Monthly Live Workshops

Once a month, we’ll meet for a live training, where Meg will present key concepts, allow for Q&A, and provide time to actually get the work done.

Members Only Forum

The Circle community is how you’ll get access to the Love At First Search team and your fellow members between sessions.

You’ll get personalized feedback on what you’re creating as you put your plan into action.

Monthly Feedback

Submit work-in-progress post, website updates & course homework for review,  so you don’t have to figure this out alone.

We’ve designed this program to help you execute and take action when it’s convenient for you, so you don’t have to show up live to get personalized support.

SEO converts better and costs less than any of my other marketing channels.”

With two kids and a business, I’m always looking for what will bring me the most bang for my buck. Right now, that’s SEO.

Since learning from Love At First Search, people who find me organically are more likely to be my ideal clients, and several people have found me through Google and enrolled in my program within 7 days of the first touch on my website. It feels like an invitation instead of a sales push!

I doubled my website traffic in basically a month, and within six months I saw a 6400% increase in clicks to my website from Google.

Don’t rely on social alone to grow your business, because you don’t control it in the same way you can with search traffic to your website. Meg offers a really manageable amount of information that touches on everything you need to get ideal clients from Google.”

Sarah Cottrell

Optional upgrades: Done-with-you SEO Roadmaps

(available in the VIP and Pro tiers)

Don’t have the time & energy to learn SEO & build your own strategy? That’s ok, let’s do it together.

If you want someone to tell you exactly what to do (and make sure you’re doing it right!), upgrade to one of our plans that includes a customized done-for-you SEO Roadmap.

The Love At First Search team will do the keyword research & content strategy for you, specific to your business goals and working with your existing traffic and create a step-by-step, easy to follow Google document (no confusing spreadsheets or incomprehensible audits).

Then you (or your team) can get to work … and as you’re implementing, you can submit your work for honest feedback, get support in our regular office hours, and post questions in our members-only forum.

What’s included in an SEO Roadmap?

Each Roadmap is created unique to the business & owner’s goals, so we can’t give you a simple formula.

Depending on your website’s existing keywords, traffic platterns, ideal client needs, and business model, Roadmaps include these kinds of suggestions:

Key page improvements

The most visited pages on most websites are the Homepage, About page, and Services or Shop pages.

We’ll make suggestions of specific changes to the SEO listing & copy for each of the top-level pages in your main navigation to make them more likely to show up in search.

Existing content optimization

If you’ve got a blog, podcast, YouTube, shop or portfolio, chances are that you’ve got some hidden gold that we can show you how to polish.

Bonus: Updating content tends to rank even faster than new content, so the more we can improve, the faster you’ll see results.

New content plan

First we’ll identify keywords that will bring your ideal clients to your website. We’ll organize them into a content strategy (for your blog, YouTube, or podcast + show notes).

Skip the research, leap directly into creation.

Harsh but true:  Temporary content creates temporary results.

Let’s craft content that lasts for the long-haul, takes work off your plate, and positions you for the sale  →

Standard Membership

Best for DIYers who want to how to do SEO keyword research & content strategy


Payment plan: $300/quarter

One year membership includes:


  • Access to all self-paced courses
  • 2x/month group coaching
  • Monthly live workshop
  • Monthly content feedback
  • Members-only community forum


  • Done-for-you SEO Roadmap


  • Quarterly 1:1 coaching call with Meg
  • Key metrics dashboard with quarterly updates

VIP Membership

Best for busy business owners who want a done-for-you SEO Plan for your team to implement


Payment plan: $750/quarter

One year membership includes:


  • Access to all self-paced courses
  • 2x/month group coaching
  • Monthly live workshop
  • Monthly content feedback
  • Members-only community forum


  • One Customized SEO Roadmap: Detailed SEO content plan for 10 pages of your website, including:
    • Key pages (Home, About, etc.)
    • Optimization for existing posts
    • Research for new content plan


  • Quarterly 1:1 coaching call with Meg
  • Key metrics dashboard with quarterly updates

Pro Membership

Best for established websites that need additional support, content & analytics strategy


Payment plan: $1500/quarter

One year membership includes:


  • Access to all self-paced courses
  • 2x/month group coaching
  • Monthly live workshop
  • Monthly content feedback
  • Members-only community forum


  • TWO Customized SEO Roadmaps: Detailed SEO content plan for 10 pages of your website, including:
    • Key pages (Home, About, etc.)
    • Optimization for existing posts
    • Research for new content plan


  • Quarterly 1:1 coaching call with Meg, to review traffic analytics and discuss content, UX & lead gen
  • Key metrics dashboard with quarterly updates (KPIs determined on kick-off call)

“SEO advice customized to my website, podcasts & courses … and so easy to hand off to my team!”

It’s so hard in my industry (social media) to be generic, and the Love At First Search team really understood our difference in the marketplace and how we can build out our blog posts and cornerstone content to attract the perfect clients for our specific offers and stand out from everyone else. The SEO Roadmap document was easy to understand, not a confusing spreadsheet of information. It was broken down in a way that I could skim it to understand  quickly, then hand off to my team to run with it. And the conversation has given us ideas for new content to create! The team identified gaps in search results for content that wasn’t getting traffic, and we were able to  quickly optimize those existing posts to get better search results.
Andrea Jones

Social Media Strategist,

Took all the data I couldn’t read & spun it into a coherent content plan that I can actually follow!

The Love At First Search team listened to who my people are, what they’re like, what their worries and concerns are – and then combined that with all of the data about how people are finding me and what they’re searching for.

The detailed plan delivers everything I need to succeed. I had hoped that would happen, but didn’t think that was possible until I saw it.

I’ve taken SEO courses, but when I look at search traffic data, I can’t see anything other than a landslide of phrases that don’t add up to anything. Meg took all of that and spun it into a coherent content plan that will appeal to my ideal clients, AND that I’m excited to write!

Stop guessing about how to help new clients find you through search, and let the team guide you.

Kyla Roma

Marketing Strategist,

Our Google traffic increased 30% in 6 months & brings in tons of perfect clients from keywords we never would have considered. 

Before we started, we had over 200 blog posts and weren’t sure which were the most effective. Our plan identified the most likely to improve and showed us how to edit them. Since we updated them 6 months ago, our top 10 blog posts have seen a 50% increase in search traffic, and our overall Google traffic has increased by 30%! Plus having a clear plan of what to create next has made our podcasting production & blog planning so much easier. Our content is bringing in tons of new school-based speech language pathologists from keywords we never would have considered on our own. The Love At First Search team is always there when we have questions. I highly recommend this process if you want to attract more amazing clients!
Marisha Mets

Speech-Language Pathologist & Founder,

“My SEO Roadmap gave me confidence that I’m making the right marketing decisions for each of my business websites.”

Now I can see how SEO strategy actually works within the context of my business, then once I understood, I could apply that knowledge to my future client projects. There were so many keywords I could have found myself or paths I could have taken, so having Meg & her team dig into my business’ goals to help make the right strategic decisions gave me confidence as I was implementing the plan, because i understood why the team made those specific suggestions. And then as I was making updates to my website, what I really appreciated is that we met live, so I could stay engaged and ask questions in real time and learn from other people in the group at a similar stage.
Gillian Hill

I’m Meg Casebolt (she/her), SEO Strategist & Founder of Love At First Search.

We’re an SEO Agency that helps online businesses get found and get paid by their ideal clients … without burning out their expert leaders by making them water down their brilliant message to fit into 15-second or 140 character sound bytes.

We believe that your website should be your best sales tool, and that your intentional content strategy will attract your perfect audience: people who are already looking for what you offer.

Using your website as your marketing hub gives you the opportunity to do less, better … and maybe stop creating new content for good. (Heck, you might have already have everything you need, we just need to restructure it for Google!)

My reasons for loving SEO are personal.

Since 2013, I’ve had two babies (aka two self-funded maternity leaves), moved twice, lost a parent, needed time off for surgery … and oh yeah, that global pandemic threw our lives into chaos.

SEO has allowed me to grow and shrink my business to fit my life, without worrying that my lead pipeline & cashflow would dry up because I didn’t have time to be visible on social media.

🔥 Even when it feels like the world is on fire, SEO keeps bringing me qualified leads from Google, YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

Exactly how is the Content Love Lab approach different from other SEO & website copywriting programs?

I see marketing differently, because I read over 200 romance novels a year.

What could SEO, known for being analytical and frankly: boring, have in common with stories focused on relationships that end in Happily Every After (HEA)?

After years of SEO by day and HEA by night, the lines started to blur. My brain thought about keywords and content strategy while I was reading, and about plotlines and character development while I was working. Instead of thinking of clients in terms of “customer avatars” (yawn), I began to recognize complex characters with goals and conflicts.

Marketing can feel cold & calculating when we push our ‘users’ into a ‘funnel’ by offering an ‘ethical bribe’. Gross, right?

Reframing marketing as a romantic narrative allows us to explore the synthesis of research & relationships, remembering that every single click is from an actual human person with goals, fears and needs.

Consider this overlap between sales funnels and romance story structure:

Act 1: Meeting

Characters: Meet Cute

  • Your eyes meet across a crowded room.
  • You gravitate closer for flirty banter.
  • You ask for their number.

Clients: Top of Funnel

  • They find you in a crowded marketplace.
  • Your website copy tells them who you are.
  • You ask for their email address.

Act 2: Dating

Characters: Falling in Love

  • Go on dates, but you’re not exclusive.
  • Find out if you’re compatible → 💋

Clients: Middle of Funnel

  • Email marketing: These are your love notes.
  • Discovery call: It’s like a first date.
  • Offer: Share what it’s like to work with you.

Act 3: Commitment

Characters: Happily Ever After

  • Time to go “all the way,” baby!
    (Whatever that means for you … 🍆??)
  • Some level of commitment happens →💟💍🍼

Clients: Bottom of Funnel

  • Sales: Money changes hands
  • Delivery: You make good on your promise

Our promise to you

The Content Love Lab isn’t one of those courses or programs that you join with good intentions …

Only to watch it gather dust because it was too complex, too boring, or too short on support.

When you get stuck, you have regular access to feedback from real humans (including me!) and answers to your questions every step of the way.

💕 The trainings will teach you only what you need to know to get results (no technical jargon)

💕 The office hours & membership group will provide personalized adjustments based on your business goals, ideal client research & website authority

💕 The feedback on work you submit will be honest & actionable.

Just like any healthy relationship, this program isn’t one-sided. 

In exchange, you give us a year to help you research your ideal client, figure out your messaging, create and implement your content strategy, set up your marketing systems, and track your results. 

If by the end of the year, you haven’t heard “I Found You On Google” and you can prove that you’ve been an active participant and implemented your SEO recommendations, just reach out and we’ll refund your investment in full.


How exactly does this program work?
The Content Love Lab is a hybrid group-coaching & membership program that exists to help you reach and convert your ideal customers through the power of SEO. We’ll teach live trainings about how to make the most of your SEO, then you can submit your work for feedback before moving onto the next step. You’ll bring your metrics and results to the live calls, where we’ll interpret your results together and really dial in your system. After those initial posts have been published, Google will start to notice, and you can come to workshops to review your progress with my feedback in your Google Search Console to figure out what’s working that you can amplify. When your year is up, you will have the option to renew your membership to for an additional fee. Many members have decided to stay on to deepen their strategy, expand their marketing system, and continue developing content that builds in value over time.
Wait, this is for a year? Exactly how long will this take?

Yep, this is a year commitment (though many of our students stick around longer). Here’s why:

💕 SEO is a long-term strategy based on ongoing optimization, not one-time creation. Our recommendations are based on best practices & educated guesses, but then we evaluate what works. We’ll teach you how to read the data, then show you how to make updates and tweaks to capitalize on what you find.

💕 SEO doesn’t have a set timeline; your results are dependent on a variety of factors (how broad your audience is, how established your website is, what keywords you’re already ranking for, how competitive your market  … heck, even how long you’ve owned your domain!). Some of our students see results in a week or two, others can take months. 

💕 You know that phrase “life happens when you’re busy making plans”? If you need to step away for a month to care for a parent, your launch timeline takes away from your content production, or you just want to take the summer off with your kids … we get it, and we’ll be here when you get back.

Will a real person look at my work and give me feedback?

Yes! You can submit your work, metrics and questions for feedback, and every month, Meg or a member of the Love At First Search team will review and give you customized video feedback.

Will I have to do a lot of writing? Can I hire a writer?

At its core, this program is about creating strategic content that gets you found, leads to the sale, and grows in value over time.

Almost certainly. Google’s crawlerbots base most of their decisions on the words on your website, so you’ll probably need to write quite a bit.

I’ll share the exact workflow to follow to streamline and simplify the process of writing articles, which means that writing won’t suck like it used to. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to write when you’re talking about topics you care about, and that you know will lead to results in your business. #justsayin’

But we don’t believe writing as an exercise to hit a certain word count; we want each page, post & product to have a unique reason to bring in traffic for a specific purpose — not repeating yourself on every page just to hit a word count.

The amount that you’ll need to create will depend on your business model and the amount of existing content that you already have.Some of our plans for established websites are mostly focused on updating categories and navigation, and optimizing existing content.

For newer sites, you’ll absolutely need to write something fresh — typically we recommend at least 10 blog posts of at least 750-1000 words each.

Don’t have time or interest in writing? We’d be happy to introduce you to a few of our SEO-focused content writers who are accustomed to working with our plans, and many of whom already have the subject matter expertise you might need.


Will you make the updates on my website?

Nope! You know that phrase, “Many cooks spoil the broth”? That’ holds here.

If you’re tech-savvy or already have an assistant, designer or team member who updates your website, we’d rather coach your or that person on the ‘how-to’ so that the best practices can extend beyond your time in the Lab.

If you don’t have that team member, we’re happy to introduce you to a designer who’s already familiar with your software and/or industry, so they can support all your website needs even outside of the SEO space. (Bonus: many of our referrals arlready in the Lab or are graduates of one of our programs!)


Will this work for my podcast?

Yes! About half of our members are podcasters, so we incorporate audio strategyies into our plans to not just garner new listeners from platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but also how to leverage your episode titles, show notes, and website content to guide your listeners to take the next steps towards working with you.

How is this different from other programs or resources about SEO?

This one is way more fun.

No, but seriously: most SEO is based on a list of tactics and strategies that feel totally impersonal and boring. Content Love Lab is different because it treats you and your customers like the real people you are.

Step by step, I’ll show you how to leverage SEO to nurture people towards buying from you in a way that feels really good, showcases your expertise, and most importantly, dramatically reduces and simplifies your marketing time.

We’re also doing so much more here than helping you get found. The content people create has helped them book their dream clients, get press features, and solidify their place as a leader in their niche… without having to be everywhere at once.

Is this only for women, or is it inclusive for all?

SEO as a marketing strategy is gender-neutral. None of the training modules or community guidelines are gender-specific.

However, SEO as a culture can be feel like “bro-marketing” — very focused on increasing traffic and pageviews — which can often be turnoff for people who aren’t comfortable in those conversations.

This is especially true for people who come from marginalized communities, who can feel like their experiences are minimized or ignored.

We welcome clients who are cisgender, transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and anybody who is marginalized based on their gender, race or ability.

As the community facilitator and team leader, I’ve committed to create safer spaces and to amplify the voices of folks who may not feel comfortable in the standard dialogues, particularly those most impacted by patriarchy, sexism and misogyny.

As a cisgender white woman, I can’t promise that I will do this perfectly, but you have my commitment to be an active listener and always open to feedback and improvement. 

Do I have to use Google Analytics? (Ugh)

Nope! We don’t care which tool you use, as long as it works for you.

While the Content Love Lab is based on measuring marketing success, we’re tool-agnostic.

We encourage our members to verify Google Search Console to collect SEO-specific data.

About half our members use Google Analytics (it used to be more, but the GA4 rollout combined with privacy concerns sent a lot of people running!), and we can support you with that installation & analytics.

Other members use their website-provided metrics (like Squarespace Analytics), a WordPress plugin, or third-party software. For this site, we use Fathom Analytics.


What if I can't make the live calls?

Hey, we get it. You’re busy, and we’re working with people all over the world. It’s not easy! 

We’ve built this program to give personalized support, including but not limited to live calls. 

Even if you never make a live call or workshop, you’ll still get:

  • All our self-paced training and courses
  • Monthly personalized video content feedback
  • A Circle community for discussions and answers from the Love At First Search team

And if we get enough members who can’t make the primary call time, we’re open to adding more to support members in additional time zones. 

(Seriously, you don’t have to wake up at 2am to hang out with me.)

Will this work for me if I'm neurodivergent?

Yes! This program is led by a proud ADHD entrepreneur & ASD mom, so we encourage you to create content and interpret data with systems and coping mechanisms that work for you.

You will never be “called on” or demanded to turn on your camera or participate live.

If this was a feature film called SEO Actually, this is the part where I’d say:

“I’m just a girl, standing in front of the internet, asking you to stop wasting time on your marketing.”

(Or is that line from Notting Hill? I can never remember.)

When you choose the Content Love Lab, you get to rewrite
your love story with your customers:

💔 One where you don’t have to be John Cusack, standing outside your customers’ windows with a boombox at 120% volume to get their attention (#creepy)…

💔 Or Bridget Jones, crying on your couch in your pajamas, while All By Myself plays in the background…

💔 Or a Pretty Woman who shapeshifts into someone you’re not because you’ve been told it’s the only way to fit in and win…

Time for your marketing feel more like you — and showcase your smarts to the people who need you.

You don’t need a lot of time.

You can watch and execute the entire program in just a couple of hours a week.

You don’t need to be everywhere.

Because you’ll be investing in content that positions you as the obvious choice for years to come — and learning strategies to get more people finding your awesome ideas while Google does its thing.

And you don’t need many people to find you before you can start counting your wins.

Because for every person who’s Googling hot garbage like how to “get rich quick” or “lose 30 pounds in 3 days”… there’s another real person who’s searching for the expert answers and real-talk insights only you can provide.

… And isn’t it time you got acquainted?