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5-day FREE “get it done” SEO challenge to help you
turn your brilliant idea into a blog post Google loves 

August 17-21, 2020

You have so many ideas for website updates, blog posts to write, videos to record, products to sell, content to create …

But it’s hard to know what (and how) to create.

If you want to get found for your brilliant ideas, you have to not only getting them out of your head … 
you have to make them desireable to Google.

during this free 5-day challenge you’ll learn to be …

  • Productive: you’ll learn my 5-part system to going from concept to completion (plan, research, write, optimize, promote)
  • Prolific: this is the process I’ve honed over 7 years to write hundreds of blog posts
  • Optimized: content is good. content that gets consistent search traffic from people who are looking for it is even better.
  • Published: by the end of August, your blog post will be D-O-N-E.

PLUS you’ll get: 

  • a community Facebook group to ask questions & get additional support
  • an opportunity to get SEO feedback on your completed blog post

get those ideas out of your head and in to Google search results.

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