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To make Google work for you, you need more than checklists & templates:

you need an seo process.

 a replicable system to consistently generate blog content that Google loves, that attracts the right audience to your website.


SEO blog boot camp

A 10-day mini-course to create a blogging process
to get consistent SEO Results

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You’ve heard that writing blog posts to help you get found on Google is important … but every time you try to learn how, you get overwhelmed by all the jargon and tasks. So you write what you think people want … but it doesn’t end up bringing anybody new into your business. (Instead it ends up gathering dust in a content graveyard ☠)

Do you want to wake up to new client inquiries & email subscribers (without needing to pay for expensive ads?)

here’s what you’ll learn …

Day 1: find an idea

Day 2: see what works

Day 3: find keywords


Day 4: make a plan

Day 5: write a draft

Day 6: work out your body

Day 7: polish your image

Day 8: select your serp

Day 9: link your assets


Day 10: publish & promote

including these templates

seo blog post checklist PDF

seo blog post template (google doc)

seo keyword planner (google spreadsheet)

bonus #1:

revive your content graveyard ☠

You’ve been creating content and know you have search traffic, but you don’t actually know what phrases people are using to find you!

Learn to use Google’s free Search Console tool to find the keywords your site is ranking for, and how to use that data to improve search traffic without needing to create anything new.

bonus #2:

systems tools & tech list

Get my full list of SEO tools & marketing software I recommend … so you don’t have to spend time on tools that don’t work!

bonus #3:

seo process tracking tool

Get the Trello Board to help you finalize and refine your content creation experience. If you leverage Trello, you’ll be able to also manage your client onboarding/offboarding journey. 

Grab the SEO Blog Bootcamp for only $97 $37!

  • Instant access to all training materials ($127 value)
  • 10 daily email prompts to guide you through the bootcamp lessons ($97 value)
  • Checklists and templates to keep you on track ($27 value)
  • Bonus #1: Revive your Content Graveyard ($97 value)
  • Bonus #2: Systems & Tools Checklist ($27 value)
  • Bonus #3: SEO Tracking Trello Board ($17 value)

Total Value = $1,217

PRICE = $392