SEO & Traffic Monitoring

You’ve been updating your website to get more traffic, but don’t know if it’s working

You’re using social media to drive traffic to your site, but don’t know which is converting best (and which is wasting your time)

You’ve worked with me to optimize your site for search engines, but don’t know how to double-check your keyword improvement

You want a CEO-level understanding of your traffic changes.

And you want somebody to tell you want to do to improve.

Sound familiar? Look no further.


SEO & Traffic Monitoring

Monthly reports & advice to help your website traffic grow

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You’re a busy lady. You don’t have time to dig into your Analytics every month, but you need to know what’s working and what’s broken.

Here’s what you get:


Track the measurable growth on your site.

Monthly reports

You want access to the nitty gritty details.

Three tasks a month

3 high-impact tasks you can complete without breaking a sweat.


Monthly Monitoring clients get discounted prices on keyword reports!

Content optimization report (value: $450)

Detailed recommendations to optimize existing content to make it more search-friendly, including (but not limited to): changes to page title, enriching content by adding similar keywords, backlink recommendations, fixing technical site problems, etc.

New keyword research report (value: $650)

Discovery new keywords that have high search volume & low competition. With these, you can pick up some additional traffic & authority AND be found by ideal clients for what you want to be known for.

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