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SEO Services for copywriters, designers & marketing agencies

You adore your amazing clients, and love your work with them as a writer, designer or strategist.

You know they could benefit from getting more traffic from SEO … but you don’t want to get lost in the technology-hell of keyword research and content strategy.

(It’s totally a real place, by the way — it’s hot and nerdy.)

What if you could seamlessly build SEO into your existing service proposals and client relationships?

That’s why we created our Friends with Benefits SEO Partnership program.

😍 You look brilliant because you know exactly what to do to boost search traffic to your clients website (and it’s cool with us if you take all the credit for their new leads!)

😍 Your client is thrilled because their website copy, design and marketing strategy is working for them on auto-pilot.

😍 We get to work with you (and you’re freaking awesome), and decrease our marketing overhead by working as a consultant to you & your team.

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Integrate keywords into your client’s website copy and blog posts, and track the new search traffic your work is bringing in

web designers

Build a site structure that Google understands, and launch with the expectation of traffic

marketing agencies

Our team can provide white label SEO content strategy, without the overhead of an employee

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for help with your own site, you’re probably a better fit for our Content Love Lab.

Benefits of adding SEO to your client services:


Help your clients get found by the people who need them (and are willing and able to pay for their expertise)


Increase your long-term value to your clients by bringing in consistent, organic search traffic


Optimize their websites for more traffic, higher engagement and more sales


Track whether your hard work is paying off for your clients (and share the metrics to reassure them)


AND ... you’re ready to let an expert (that’s me) figure out the “techy stuff and boring research” for you... and tell you exactly what to do (and how to make it happen)

How does this SEO Partnership work, exactly?

We try to be flexible to fit into your existing system, but typically we work in one of three ways:

📞 Direct Referral

You introduce us to your clients via personal email, shared affiliate link, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, etc. (No social media DMs, please!)

When they purchase, we’ll shoot you a grateful referral commission.

🤝🏻 Build into your process

Include SEO in your project proposals and client relationships.

Invite us to the onboarding. We’ll create the SEO strategy for your new site or rebrand before you move a pixel or write a word. 

🤐 White label services

If you know you need SEO but don’t want to confuse your clients with too many contractors, they don’t even need to know about us at all! 

We’ll interface exclusively with you & your team.

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You’ll also get a booking link to discuss specific projects:

When we partnered with Love At First Search to support a client, that client had been blogging for years with moderate growth to her website. However, we knew that there was SO much great content that wasn’t reaching its intended audience. Meg dove headfirst into an SEO audit, then developed an extensive researched keyword list and SEO strategy, including lots of specifics we could implement right away. As we executed on Meg’s recommendations, our client saw an immediate uptick in traffic, which helped lead directly to excellent lead generation and ultimately the most profitable launches the business had ever seen. It was like magic! But in reality, it was even better than magic — it was research, data, and strategy, all put to use to create powerful business outcomes.

Marie Parks

Co-CEO, North Star Messaging + Strategy