Make Your Blogs Magnetic to Customers

(and attract more of your ideal clients through search)

Being found on Google is easy, right? Just write a blog post and Google will link to it….?  Nope.

This isn’t an “if you build it, they will come” situation.  The internet is NOISY.

To be selected by Google, you have to set up your blog posts in a very specific way that is appealing to both people and robots. 🤖 

So I’m breaking down my 7-step process for you!

Inside this 36-page e-book you’ll find:

Step-by-step instructions to simplify your planning (and writing) of search-friendly blog posts.

What to talk about, how to write your posts, and where to promote them.

How to get more traffic from Google (and if you do steps 1-3 correctly: more sales).


7 pages of tear-out checklists, flow-charts, and worksheets you can keep handy and refer to again and again, for every part of your blog-writing process

so… what are the 7 steps?

step 1: VALIDATE YOUR IDEA so the blog promotes your business

step 2: FIND THE WORDS your ideal clients are searching for

step 3: ORGANIZE YOUR IDEAS for maximum searchability

step 4: Write.

step 5: OPTIMIZE FOR SEARCH (don’t forget the pictures!)

step 6: CONNECT YOUR CONTENT link to share the love

step 7: OUTREACH, publish & promote without being a nuisance

I know you want to start at step 4 (the writing part), then skip ahead to 7 (publish & promote), because your time is limited and you just want to get your content DONE already. But…

If you buy the playbook and follow the process, you’ll have:

  • more traffic to your blog posts, and subsequently your entire website
  • better quality content that people actually want to read (and share)
  • no more publishing half-assed posts that just add to the noise 
In fact, you’ll probably actually write fewer blog posts that are higher quality. I’m giving you permission to do less, better.) 

Buy now to get instant access!