Simple Steps to Get Found on Google

(Without needing a degree in nerdspeak.)

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The SEO Starter Kit from Love at First Search is a FREE guide full of tips (and flow charts, mad libs, and The Office memes) to get you found on Google, like, NOW. 

Because your website should be your best employee, bringing you leads & sales around the clock. Like Jim Halpert without the pranks.

Inside this 13-page e-book you’ll learn:

  • WTF “SEO” actually is
  • How to understand your Google search results
  • How to find (and where to use) keywords that get your content found for the right reasons
  • How to write headlines that are fun and useful


  • A tear-out SEO Blog Post Checklist
  • Two pages of Headline Mad Libs
  • The world’s best “Should I Write This Blog Post” flowchart – is your blog post a Michael, Kevin, or Stanley?

“Holy moly! Meg!!!”

I cannot believe the value you’ve packed into this free kit and cannot thank you enough for breaking down SEO in a way that simply makes sense. My brain is so, so happy right now.
I first read your blog post about SEO for blogs and was simultaneously blown away and then TOTALLY RELIEVED to have found you. You may be saving my copywriting soul right now! 


Steena Marie

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