Stop procrasti-planning. Start creating.

Your website could be bringing you consistent leads from Google, and you’re willing to do the work … if only somebody would tell you exactly what to do.

You wish your ideal clients could discover your business in search results … but the time commitment & mental pressure of learning SEO keyword research makes you want to cry.

You have limited marketing time; you can either spend it teaching yourself SEO or actually doing the work. And doing will get you results a whole lot faster than dreaming.

You’ve thought about hiring an agency, but the ongoing retainer feels like too big. Especially when you already have a team (maybe a copywriter, designer, or virtual assistant) who already knows your brand.

So instead, you’re working too hard for not enough results, stuck in marketing limbo:

shouting into the void

You’re creating blogs, videos, podcasts & emails … but your audience is basically your mom & your dog

struggling to prioritize

You have a million ideas for offers of what your people might want … but can’t reliably predict which will get you the ROI you crave

posting on

Feels great to get all those likes and comments (hello, dopamine!) … yet your follower count isn’t reflected in your bank account

💣here’s a truth bomb:

Your ideal clients are out there searching for you — right now.

If they can’t find you, those dreamy clients are going to give their money to your competitors … they may be louder, but they’re probably less accomplished, and their hair definitely isn’t  as cute as yours.

Time to stop being the Best Kept Secret, and let Google bring those ideal clients right to your virtual doorstep.

You can get new leads from Google by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO): adjusting your website so Google can read it, and creating content (pages, blogs, video, audio, images) that your potential clients are searching for.

work when you want

You can create content when it’s convenient for you — not when some silly algorithm dictates you should post. Heck, sometimes you batch create then you don’t have to think about it for months.

be found, forever

That post you wrote 5 years ago? It’s getting clicks every day from potential clients who are curious now. Your evergreen content stays relevant & gets more valuable with time.

Whoa, look at your calendar

Your website is giving you some SERIOUS SEO-lovin’… which means your ideal clients are finding you… and man, do they like what they see.


calm, relaxed & confident

You can’t remember the last time you worried about hustling for clients. They’re coming to you, every single day, begging you for your services.

no more guessing

The numbers will tell you exactly which content is resonating with your audience, and every single phrase they searched. No more “spray and pray,” no more guessing.

you want to know what's working

You don’t have the time or desire to dig around in analytics. You just want someone to help you figure out what’s not working, what is, and create a plan that you can easily follow and adjust as you move forward.

Getting started with SEO can feel intimidating, so most people default to one of two options:

Hire professionals to do it for you

You can sit back & relax, knowing that the work is being done right … but you’re going to pay a premium price for it.

And if you choose an unqualified writer who doesn’t know about your specialty or SEO, you just might spend more time editing than if you wrote it yourself.

take a few years to teach yourself

There’s a big learning curve around keyword research & content strategy, and you have to squeeze it into your already-busy marketing time, so it can take several months to see new traffic.

(Want to teach yourself without the time wasting? See: Attract & Activate, our DIY SEO membership)

But there can be a middle path between totally-hands-off and 100% DIY. Here’s why:

  • You are a freaking brilliant, accomplished entrepreneur. You don’t need someone to push you aside and do it for you.
  • You don’t need to know the crazy intricate details of SEO to be able to implement a really effective plan.
  • You don’t have to figure it out alone, or follow someone else’s blueprint, or hire a whole ‘nother team member to get seo results.

You’re talented & driven, but you’re tired of trying to figure out it.

You just want someone to tell you what to do (and make sure you’re doing it right).

That’s why we created

SEO Strategy Roadmaps

A collaborative content strategy process to help you:

  • make the key pages of your site irresistible to Google
  • improve underperforming content you’ve already created, and
  • give you an action plan of what to create next

Together we’ll create a traffic generating plan for your website.
You &/or your team implement the plan, with SEO coaching support.
When it’s done, come back and we’ll give you a progress report and a reduced rate on your Phase 2 plan.

Not only will you likely see an uptick in ideal people finding you for the perfect topics … but because you’re doing work yourself and getting coaching, you’ll also be learning the skills you need to make real long-term change (no matter which direction your business takes in the future).

SEO advice personalized to my business … and so easy to hand off to my team!

It’s so hard in my industry (social media) to be generic, and the Love At First Search team really understood our difference in the marketplace and how we can build out our blog posts and cornerstone content to stand out from everyone else and attract the perfect clients for our specific offers.

The SEO Roadmap document was easy to understand — not a confusing spreadsheet of information. It was broken down in a way that I could skim it to understand it quickly, then hand off to my team so that can take it and run with it. 

And the conversation has given us so many ideas for other content to create — the team identified gaps in search results for content that wasn’t getting traffic, and we were able to quickly optimize those existing posts to get better search results.

– Andréa Jones, 

Kyla Roma

marketing strategist,

I’m thrilled about the plan, and I can’t wait to go through this process again.

The Love At First Search team listened to who my people are, what they’re like, what their worries and concerns are – and then combined that with all of the data about how people are finding me and what they’re searching for.

I’ve taken courses and know a little about SEO, but I can’t look at search traffic data and see anything other than a landslide of phrases that don’t add up to anything. Meg was able to take all of that and spin it into a coherent content plan that will appeal to my ideal clients, AND that I’m excited to write! I had hoped that would happen, but didn’t really think that was possible until I saw it.

This detailed plan delivers everything you need to succeed. Stop guessing about how to help new clients find you through search, and let the team guide you.

google traffic increased 30% in 6 months

Before we started, we had over 200 blog posts and weren’t sure which of them were the most effective. Our plan identified the most likely to improve and showed us how to edit them.

Since we updated them 6 months ago, our top 10 blog posts have seen a 50% increase in search traffic, and our overall Google traffic has increased by 30%! 

Plus having a clear plan of what to create next has made our podcasting production & blog planning so much easier.

Our content is bringing in tons of new school-based speech language pathologists from keywords we never would have considered on our own.

The Love At First Search team is always there to help out when we have questions. I highly recommend this process if you want to attract more amazing clients! 

Marisha Mets

speech-language pathologist & Founder, SLP Now

we’re a good fit if:

you want to showcase your expertise

You want to create content that positions you uniquely in your industry and helps your ideal clients see why they should choose you… but you don’t know how to create a strategy to make it happen.

you resent social media

You’ve become reliant on (and maybe even addicted to) social media … and although you post every day and follow all the rules, you feel like it isn’t paying off in actual leads.

you don't have time to learn

You’ve dabbled in keyword research … and hate it. You either have time to plan or create, and you’d rather spend your time creating than drown in Google Keyword Planner.

you have an established platform

You’re committed to a content platform — blogging, podcasting or YouTube — and want to create the content yourself, you just wish somebody would tell you what to do

you update your own website

You either know how to make updates on your own website, or you have a web designer, team writer and/or virtual assistant to turn this roadmap to reality

you don't have time to learn

You’ve dabbled in keyword research … and hate it. You either have time to plan or create, and you’d rather spend your time creating than drown in Google Keyword Planner.

actually excited to write, and already seeing new readers!

Before working with Love At First Search, people were coming to my website through a Google search but they weren’t necessarily my ideal client. I needed fresh blog content and search terms that would get the right people to my site to learn more about my workshops and coaching.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the team understood me and my business. They asked insightful questions I hadn’t considered, and delivered content ideas that were completely aligned with my service offerings and my company’s value proposition.

Not only have I felt passionate about my new content, I’ve stuck with writing my posts on a weekly schedule. Through Google Analytics I’m already seeing that people stay on my site longer to read more than what they initially clicked on.

Hillary Rea

communications consultant, Tell Me a Story

Becky Mollenkamp

business mindset coach,

if you’re tired of writing blog posts that nobody reads, you need the seo strategy intensive.

I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to get a great jumpstart on creating strategic content. If you’re tired of writing blog posts that no one reads, then stop and hire the team at Love At First Search.

More importantly, they’ll help you think through what is the RIGHT traffic for your business, and how you can stand out on Google for the keywords they are searching. And you get to see where there are gaps in your market and how you can fill them so you stand out from your competitors.

here’s what to expect:

Before we begin:

to choose your date & payment plan

We’ll review your website’s current traffic,  do some competitor research & show up to the call ready to plan

What happens on the call?

We’ll have a relaxed conversation! You can bring any team members you’d like, and you’ll meet with one of our highly trained team members who have already reviewed your website, intake questionnaire & competitor research beforehand.

We’ll talk about your ideal client, your offers, and the problems you solve. Within about 7-10 days, you’ll get your complete SEO Strategy Plan.


What's included in the SEO Strategy Roadmap?

That depends on what your website already has going for it! Each plan is completely customized based on your stage of business, but it will include these kinds of suggestions:

Key page improvements

The most visited pages on most websites are the Homepage, About page, and Services or Shop pages.

We’ll make suggestions of specific changes to the SEO listing & copy for each of the top-level pages in your main navigation to make them more likely to show up in search.

Existing content optimization

If you’ve got a blog, podcast, YouTube, shop or portfolio, chances are that you’ve got some hidden gold that we can show you how to polish.

Bonus: Updating content tends to rank even faster than new content, so the more we can improve, the faster you’ll see results.

New content plan

First we’ll identify keywords that will bring your ideal clients to your website. We’ll organize them into a content strategy (for your blog, YouTube, or podcast + show notes).

You can skip the research & go directly into creation mode.

What support will I get?

The plan will be a Google Doc with walk-through Loom video. We’ve found this works better than delivering it live so you’ll have a chance to review it and share it with your team … without needing to come up with questions on the spot.

Then it’s up to you to get started with updating & creating! In your plan, we’ll outline 4-6 key milestones where you can submit your work for our feedback, so you know you’re doing it right.

These milestones will be customized to your plan, but usually it includes tasks like updating your homepage copy, writing a suggested blog post, or restructuring your main navigation menu. 


What happens when I finish all the items on my roadmap?

 There will be no pressure or obligation to extend beyond the delivery of your SEO Strategy Roadmap … but if you want additional support, we’re here for it!

You might have enough new traffic than you can pause your SEO efforts and enjoy the new leads.

You might now understand enough about SEO that you can do your own keyword research (especially if you choose to also join Attract & Activate!), and our team can take on a mentorship role as you create your OWN plan.

Or you might want to come for another Roadmap to plan out your next 3 months … and that will be available at 40% off, since we already know your business model & goals.

I just made a shift in my business and I was having trouble figuring out how to be found by my new audience.

My plan included topics I never would have thought of … and I was shocked that there were keywords I could incorporate that weren’t oversaturated already!

I’m so tired of creating content that gets no traffic. I want to to work smarter, not harder, and being more strategic about my content is part of that.

Erika Tebbens

Erika Tebbens Business Consulting

SEO has always felt like a mystery to me – I’ve spent tons on marketing consultants, but never really understood how what they told me to do would get results.

But somehow, through the questions in this one conversation & the plan explanation, I finally understand how SEO will work for MY business.

I’m actually excited to write the posts she recommends because I can see without a doubt that this is the exact information that my clients would be looking for.

Parijat Deshpande

High Risk Pregnancy Specialist

It’s been 18 months since I got my plan, and the research is still guiding my content.

After blogging without seeing success, I’m finally writing content for people who want to hire me (not do it themselves).

I’ve had 3 big clients find me via Google this year … so I’m abandoning social media to double-down on blogging because I’m so confident it will attract the right people. Good riddance, Instagram!

Katie Peacock

Conversion Copywriter

I’m a huge content creator and love writing blogs, but I knew they could be doing more to drive traffic to my site.

My plan identified my key posts and gave me smart, easy-to-implement ways to update them to garner more traffic. And it had a list of new blog posts to write, based on deep research into my niche and my competitors.

The results speak for themselves: Within 6 months I’ve got 58% more organic search traffic which means tens of thousands of new people finding me.

Christie Mims

you might be wondering …

Does this plan include implementation?

If you already have an assistant or team to help you with website updates & consistent content creation, then you don’t need to hire us! You can just get the simple 3-month plan, and your team can get to work.

If you don’t have a team, or want the initial round of optimization updates to be done quickly and efficiently, you’ll have the option at checkout to add implementation to support to your roadmap.

(Only available for websites built on WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify. Content updates only, no design services or new content writing.)

Will I have to do a lot of writing? Can I hire a writer?

Almost certainly. Google’s crawlerbots base most of their decisions on the words on your website, so you’ll probably need to write quite a bit.

But we don’t believe writing as an exercise to hit a certain word count; we want each page, post & product to have  a unique reason to bring in traffic for a specific purpose — not repeating yourself on every page just to hit a word count.

The amount that you’ll need to create will depend on your business model and the amount of existing content that you already have.Some of our plans for established websites are mostly focused on updating categories and navigation, and optimizing existing content.

But for newer sites, you’ll absolutely need to write something fresh — typically we reommend at least 10 blog posts of at least 750-100 words each.

Don’t have time or interest in writing? We’d be happy to introduce you to a few of our SEO-focused content writers who are accustomed to working with our plans, and many of whom already have the subject matter expertise you might need.

Is Meg doing all the work?

Nope! Because frankly, it’s not necessary. That’s how we’re able to make this offer cost what it costs.

If you want to hire only Meg individually, you’d pay at least 3-4x more … but we both know you don’t need on specific person to do it, you just need the plan.

All the Love At First Search team members have been diligently in our in-house methodology. In the same way that you & your team are capable of updating your website, our team is capable of creating these strategies, with oversight from Meg. 

What if I don't have a team? Can you do this for me?

If you need help with upgrade your website, our team can help in the short-term with on-site optimization of your existing content. You’ll have the option to add this at check-out.

If after receiving your plan, you realize that you want to implement faster than you & your team can learn — or something comes up in your life and you just don’t have the capacity — just reach out and let us know, and we can add it on later.

If you need writing support, we’re happy to connect you with one of our partner content production agencies that understands how to write for SEO in your voice.

What if I don't have/want Google Analytics?

If you don’t have an analytics tool like Google Analytics installed, that’s ok! We can get the relevant data through our SEO tools.

If you use another analytics software: COOL. We use Fathom Analytics for our websites and also love Plausible Analytics. We’re flexible!

Why should I choose this instead of the Attract & Activate course + membership?

Attract & Activate is an amazing program + community if you want to learn how to deo the keyword research & content planning for yourself. If you have the time & interest to learn, by all means come join us in A&A!

But if you don’t want to learn, you just want to have the plan handed to you … this SEO Roadmap is like Attract & Activate on speed. Same potential outcomes, but you don’t have to be the one to do it.

Still on the fence? Join the Attract & Activate VIP level and we’ll create your SEO Plan and you can learn how to do the keyword and research after you’ve finished your plan.

Instead of 1:1 video feedback, you can get all your questions answered on our bi-weekly coaching calls. The best of both worlds!

When's the next available start date?

We typically have availability 2-3 weeks out from the booking date. (And we can’t start tomorrow — we need about a week before the call the do all the pre-call research.)

Most clients get their full plan within a month of buying.

Wait, how do I buy this again?

Yeah, let’s do this! Click here to get the pricing options, then you’ll be directed to book your call.

You don’t have to figure it out alone, or follow someone else’s blueprint, or hire a whole ‘nother team member to get SEO results.

Getting found online can be hard … but it doesn’t have to be, if you have the right plan and the support to make it happen.

You have limited marketing time; you can either spend it teaching yourself SEO or actually doing the work. And doing will get you results a whole lot faster than dreaming.

Let’s do this.

seo roadmap only

content plan document


Best for businesses with virtual assistant, designer or writer to make website updates

Note: This option is best for businesses with dedicated service providers with SEO experience (copywriters, designers, or VAs) who can make the on-site changes and write the new content.

SEO recommendations for 10 pages of your site – what we expect can be achieved in 3 months.

Depending on your existing search traffic, this will be made of a combination of:

  • Keyword research & SEO suggestions for your website key pages  (Home, About, Services, etc) and/or for existing posts
  • Keyword research & content plan for new blog posts

seo roadmap

+ 12mos coaching membership


You want to learn SEO & eventually do your own content plan, but want to bust through the learning curve

Note: this is the same as the Content Love Lab VIP package! The two offers are so complimentary & get such great results that we list them on BOTH pages, but recognize that group coaching isn’t the best fit for all businesses.

Your personalized SEO Roadmap (recommendations for 10 pages of your site), plus:

12 months membership in Content Love Lab:

  • Instant access to the pre-recorded trainings (so you can understand the why behind your Roadmap recommendations)
  • 2x/mo live coaching calls & office hours for customized feedback
  • 2x/mo personalized video feedback on your submissions
  • Access to an online community for questions and connections between sessions (intentionally hosted on Circle, not Facebook groups)