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Let’s get you found. ASAP.

Whether you’ve been blogging & creating videos for years, but not getting any traction with Google …

Or you’re just getting started with content and want a solid SEO plan so you don’t waste any time …

you’re in the right place, my friend.

You’re tired of constantly struggling to get new clients.

You wish they could just *poof* magically show up in your inbox ready to get to work.

You’ve been doing everything right:

  • attending in-person networking events (and handing out 40 million business cards)
  • posting on (and your follower count isnt reflected in your bank account
  • even creating blog posts and videos to display your expertise.

But no matter how much content you’re creating or time you’re putting into your marketing … your inbox is crickets.
You just can’t quite crack the code to show up in those search results.

Writing for search is a totally different skill set than writing for people who already know you. It’s a funky balance between getting into the brains of your ideal clients well before they find you, and understanding the way that robots work.

Lucky for you … I’ve figured out the secrets to help Google bring new people to your site. And I can help get more qualified leads to find what you’ve already have got, and come up with a plan to showcase your expertise with new content.

Introducing the

Search Traffic Accelerator

 personalized done-with-you collaborative strategy

The Search Traffic Accelerator process helps entrepreneurs like you update & create content that will help Google fall in love with you, bring more visitors through search, and improve the ways your reader interact with your website, making them more likely to become subscribers and leads.

Let’s figure out what’s working best on your existing website (so you can do more of it), and discover which underperforming assets can be improved to bring more traffic to you … and also come up with a plan to target new keywords & write new posts to expand your reach to new search topics.

The best part? No months-long drawn-out process to come up with a plan. You get a full plan in 7-10 days turnaround time, so you can start making Google-friendly content.

Book now for $2,500

(Payment plans available)

the right traffic for your business

“I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to get a great jumpstart on creating strategic content. If you’re tired of writing blog posts that no one reads, then stop and hire Meg.

She can help you understand what works—and WHY—to drive more traffic to your site. More important, she’ll help you think through what is the RIGHT traffic for your business, and how you can stand out on Google for the keywords they are searching. And you get to see where there are gaps in your market and how you can fill them so you stand out from your competitors.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to wait weeks or months to take action on a new idea, you’ll also love that this service is a one-day project.

You’ll quickly have the information you need to get started.”

Becky Mollenkamp
Mindset coach for entrepreneurs

stopped the guesswork

“Meg listened to who my people are, what they’re like, what their worries and concerns are – and then combined that with all of the data about how people are finding me and what they’re searching for.

I’ve taken courses and know a little about SEO, but I can’t look at search traffic data and see anything other than a landslide of phrases that don’t add up to anything. Meg was able to take all of that and spin it into a coherent content plan that will appeal to my ideal clients, AND that I’m excited to write! I had hoped that would happen, but didn’t really think that was possible until I saw it.

Meg delivers a detailed plan with everything you need to succeed. Stop guessing about how to help new clients find you through search, and let Meg guide you.  

I’m thrilled about the plan, and I can’t wait to hire her for this again.”

Kyla Roma
Marketing Strategist


So what’s this process look like?

Step 1: Book your session

Click the “book now” button, make your payment, and you’ll be directed to my scheduler. We can start at either 10am or 1pm EST.
(I hear ya, West Coasters.)


Step 2: gimme all the deets!

Right after you book, you’ll get a contract & a link to book your call (usually available in about 2 weeks).

You’ll also fill out a questionnaire so I can better understand your business goals, history, industry, competition, etc. 


Step 3: Show up ready to make decisions

We’ll have 2.5 hours blocked out on the calendar. Here’s what it looks like:

Hour 1: We talk. A lot.

I’ll share what your/your competitors’ sites are currently ranking for.

We’ll talk about how those terms align with what you want to be found for, and how  they fit into what your ideal clients are experiencing.

Hour 2: You take a break.

Go get a latte, you deserve it.

I’ll dig deep into keyword research & Google Search Console data.


Hour 3: We reconvene.

You look refreshed & gorgeous as hell. My brain is buzzing like I stuck my finger in an outlet.

I’ll share my initial plan — which existing content I want you to update and why, what new search terms I found in my research, and how I think it’ll all fit together to align with your client’s needs.

You tell me what works and what isn’t quite what you’re looking for.


Hour 4+: You're done for the day!

Enjoy your nap.

I’ll be consolidating all my research into a plan you can start implementing right away.


Step 4: get your seo plan

Within a week, you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive plan of 12-16 new pieces of content to create (with corresponding keywords & suggested titles) and any major changes to make to your website copy more SEO-friendly
  • A customized walkthrough of exactly how to use this info
  • Copies of all your files & recordings of our conversations

Need help with the actual implementation? You also get:

  • Lifetime access to my signature course, Attract & Activate™ ($597)
  • Six months membership in the  Attract & Activate™ student community, where you can post your drafts for feedback, participate in monthly workshops, join coaching & co-working calls, share your wins and ask any questions ($800 value)

Step 5: book your follow-up call

Sometimes you don’t know what you need help with until you get into the trenches … so 6-8 weeks after our strategy, we’ll have a check-in call to review your SEO progress and talk through any obstacles you’re facing.

Book now for $2,500

(Payment plans available)

Actually excited to write, and already seeing new readers!

Before the Search Traffic Accelerator, people were coming to my website through a Google search but they weren’t necessarily my ideal client. I needed fresh blog content and search terms that would get the right people to my site to learn more about my workshops and coaching.

Working with Meg in this one-day session was the perfect solution. I could focus for this chunk of time and left the session with everything that I needed to write my blog posts.

I couldn’t believe how quickly Meg understood me and my business. She asked insightful questions I hadn’t considered, and delivered content ideas that were completely aligned with my service offerings and my company’s value proposition. I left the Search Traffic Accelerator actually excited to write!

Not only have I felt passionate about my new content, I’ve stuck with writing my posts on a weekly schedule. Through Google Analytics I’m already seeing that people stay on my site longer to read more than what they initially clicked on.

I’m looking forward to working with Meg again in the future!

Hillary Rea
Tell Me A Story

Hi, I’m Meg, the founder of Love At First Search, where we’re singularly devoted to getting womxn-owned service businesses to show up on Google, get more leads, and make more digital product sales.

I used to follow a more traditional SEO delivery model — kick-off call, incremental changes, monthly reports — and it tested my patience.

I want Google to know who you are. And I want you to start getting found for your brilliance, like, yesterday.

Plus when I was sending those endless monthly reports, I felt disconnected from my clients. I wanted to talk to them, to explain why I was making those recommendations, to see the “a-ha” moments in their faces & answer any questions that arose.

So I started offering these one-day sessions … and I haven’t looked back. The outcomes are better when we’re both working on it together. And I’d love to work with you to get your business found on Google.

Book now for $2,500

(2- or 3-month payment plans available)

This is a good fit for you if …

  • You provide services directly to clients (either 1:1 or group programs) and/or you sell digital courses or products
  • You’ve written blog posts before to display your expertise before, or you know that you want to blog
  • You struggle with figuring out WHAT to write, but once you have the plan? You’ll be unstoppable

This is not for you if …

  • You have an e-commerce site (those typically require more time to build a comprehensive strategy)
  • You need traffic now & can’t wait a couple months for the SEO benefits to “kick-in”
  • You don’t want to write (or outsource the writing)
Can we really get a full plan done in 3 hours?

Well, no. It’s 3 hours on your calendar.

The full process — from reviewing your questionnaire, pulling data to prepare for our call, discussing with you, then applying the research & building out the plan — takes me 8-10 hours over a week.

Will I get any help with the blog post writing?

If you have specific questions about the “how” of SEO blogging, I can answer those on the call.

For a more comprehensive training, you’ll get access to my Attract & Activate program & community.

The online course has video trainings to walk you through the process of writing the blog.
You can share your questions and victories in the Facebook community, and also submit your questions and join our monthly Q&A calls.

When can I book my session?

I typically do 1-2 strategy session a week, beginning at either 10am EST (for east coasters & Europeans) or 1pm EST (for west coasters), with the occasional 7pm EST session for those in the Western Hemisphere. (Heeeey Aussies! 🦘)

These sessions are typically booked 2-4 weeks out … which gives you time to share your website data & fill out your questionnaire before we talk.

Can I book sessions these quarterly?

Yes! And since I already know your brand, you’ll get a loyalty discount for future sessions.

strategic content creation

“I just made a shift in my business and I was having trouble figuring out how to be found by my new audience. Meg found topics I never would have thought of … and I was shocked that there were keywords I could incorporate that weren’t oversaturated already!

I’m so tired of creating content that gets no traffic. I want to to work smarter, not harder, and being more strategic about my content is part of that.

I also loved how quickly Meg turned everything around. I’m an action taker, so when I got the plan, I got started right away.

There weren’t a million other things before I could dive into content creation.”

Erika Tebbens
Business Coach

showed me how to write exactly what my clients are looking for

“SEO has always felt like a mystery to me – I’ve spent tons on marketing consultants, but never really understood how what they told me to do would get results.

But somehow, in this one conversation with Meg, I not only understand how SEO works to help me show in on Google — I’m actually excited to write the posts she recommends because I can see without a doubt that this is the exact information that my clients would be looking for.

I know how to set up my website so they can find me.”

Parijat Deshpande
High Risk Pregnancy Specialist


58% search traffic boost in 6mo

I’m a huge content creator and love writing blogs, but I knew my blogs could be doing more to drive traffic to my site. So, enter Meg!

First, she took some of my key posts and gave me smart, easy-to-implement ways to update them to garner more traffic. Then, she gave me a list of 8 new blog posts to write, based on her deep research into my niche and my competitors.

The results speak for themselves: Within 6 months I’ve got 58% more organic search traffic which means tens of thousands of new people finding me.

It’s a huge return on investment!

Christie Mims

237% search traffic boost

“It took me about 2 hours to make the changes Meg suggested in my Accelerator plan, targeting 5 key blog posts I’d already written.

I started seeing huge gains as their traffic jumped between 26-55% within 28 days!

And it didn’t stop. Four months later, each of those posts had gained between 46% and 237% of their original traffic, and that traffic grew my email list by 2,200 subscribers.

Listen to Meg, she knows what she’s doing!”

Ethan Waldman

If you want to get found on Google, you don’t just need a website. You need an intentional, strategic SEO plan.

Let’s help Google fall in love with your brilliant business.

Book now for $2,500

(Payment plans available at checkout)