I know it, you know it…

Building a great website is really freaking hard.

Set yourself up for success with this SEO mini-course:


Somehow you’ve gotta take your vision for all the fabulous things you want to do in your business and turn it into something that’s pretty, professional AND effective.
  • You’ve got to learn how to build your site (or outsource it to a designer).
  • You have to learn how to write engaging copy (or hire a copywriter).
  • Get amazing photos taken (cuz a selfie just won’t do).
  • Not to mention, get set up with email marketing, booking software, and a payment processor (ugh!). 
And then, when you think you’ve got it all together, you launch the new site & expect new leads & clients to come pouring in…

but instead, your website traffic is just a trickle.

Turns out, in order to get search traffic, on top of all the pretty website stuff, you also have to find the phrases people are searching for and get them into the right places so that Google can read it. 


Your website should be your best employee—
an MVP who doesn’t take sick days and never shows up late.

(like Dwight Shrute – perfect attendance, even with a ruptured appendix)

Your website’s #1 job is to be getting traffic all the time

… even when you’re not posting 1,916 times a day to Twitter, Facebook pages, Facebook groups & Instagram stories ( and don’t even get me started on TikTok)

Because Google averages 6,200,000,000 searches a day.

It’s not unreasonable that a couple hundred of them are looking for YOU, and it’s not greedy to want them to find you.

You’ve already established yourself as an expert.

So you deserve to be able to take a vacation with your husband (or even just an afternoon off to watch your kid’s awards assembly!) without feeling tethered to your phone.

You deserve a website that consistently gets you subscribers, leads and sales 

… even when you’re not constantly promoting yourself.

Hi! I’m Meg…

Hi, I’m Meg, the founder of Love At First Search, where we’re singularly devoted to getting online service businesses to show up on Google, get more leads, and make more digital product sales.

I want Google to know who you are. And I want you to start getting found for your brilliance, like, yesterday.

But figuring out SEO on your own is like building the dollhouse on Christmas Eve without the instruction manual.

You can do it … but at what cost?
(I’ll tell you: screaming kids at 5am on 2 hours of sleep who are upset Santa didn’t eat their cookies ‘cause you were too sleep-deprived to remember.)

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself. I’ve come up with the plan. You just have to follow it.

“Meg turned SEO into understandable, actionable steps so I can actually see how my community will find me.”

“SEO has always felt like a scary mystery to me. I didn’t understand what it meant, how it applied to me but I knew it was important to help me be found on Google. I spoke with many SEO experts in the past and while I understood the concept, I had no idea how to implement it to help my particular business. 

Meg was the first SEO expert who took the concept of SEO and turned it into understandable and actionable steps so I can actually see how my community will find me. Working with her helped me to finally connect the dots between where I am and how to be found by my ideal clients.” 

Parijat Deshpande
High Risk Pregnancy Expert

A step-by-step mini-course to help entrepreneurs like you get found by dreamy clients in Google search results, so your website can bring you subscribers & leads.

Short, easy-to-understand video tutorials that walk you through the exact steps to turn Google traffic to your website from everyday lazy Stanley … to Stanley on pretzel day.

Buy now for $199

or 3 payments of $75

What could your business (and life) look like if your website brought in new clients on its own?

  • Your side-hustle could become your full time job
  • You could spend less on Facebook & Google Ads
  • You could put down your phone & take a break from the social media grind
  • Your nights could be spent playing board games with your kids instead of eating stale cheese at yet another networking event
  • You might even breathe a little easier & sleep a little sounder, knowing that your website is bringing in subscribers & leads (so you can catch up on Brooklyn 99 after the kids go to bed, instead of pulling out your laptop and working till midnight)
So how do you whip your website into Employee of the Month shape?

You start with SEO Set-up Success.

Here’s what’s inside:

Bite-sized trainings

Learn how to make your website’s words, structure & tracking pay off. Short enough to watch during your kids’ bath time (but don’t get your phone wet!)

Checklists & templates

No theory here — these are all practical steps you can follow.
So these To Dos won’t still be on your list this time next year.

Over-the-shoulder videos

I take you behind-the-scenes of my website to show you how to actually do the work.

And here’s what you don’t need to create a site that gets you repeat leads:
  • An understanding of HTML, CSS, JS or any other programming language
  • Weeks and weeks to implement. Many students complete the lessons AND implement on their websites in just one weekend. 
  • To listen to bros tell you about how many hits their website got last month and how much they’re crushing it right now, brah.
SEO Set-up Success isn’t a long, super-technical course that’ll take you weeks to implement.

It’s a short & succinct step-by-step training to help you show up on the first page of search results (because right now? nobody’s finding you on page 47).

Buy now for $200

or three payments of $75

What’s covered inside these bite-sized video trainings:


Understand the basics of what Google looks for in a website, and how to organize yours for success.  Learn what your competitors are doing to earn those first page search results … and how to outrank ‘em.

LESSON 2: Content

Find the words that your ideal clients are searching for, and figure out where they should go on your site so Google sees them.
You’ll learn how to write copy that shows up in Google results and entices people to click through to your site.

LESSON 3: Technical

Is your site fast? mobile-friendly? reliable?
Identify what Google wants & evaluate how your website stacks up. (And how to fix problems!)
You’ll improve your user experience so your readers will trust you more — maybe even enough to join your mailing list.

LESSON 4: Local

If you want to attract people in a certain geography, there are specific tactics you can use to show up Google Maps & local searches.
This lesson teaches you how to become the business people in your area think of first. 

LESSON 5: Analytics

Want to know who’s visiting your website & how they behave? Install free software, and learn the basics of what’s working.
This can help you figure out not only which keywords you’re getting traffic from … but also which marketing strategies aren’t working to attract your perfect clients (so you can stop doing them). 

Plus: gifs. like, lots of ‘em.

Spend less time setting up your SEO.
And more time actually working with the clients who find you.

(After all, that’s why you started the business in the first place.)

“Meg is the first person to make sense of SEO for me.

I’ve been on several other email lists, listening to other influencers, and trying my hardest to understand and implement SEO…and it wasn’t working. I was picking up bits and pieces, but still felt so lost, confused, and overwhelmed. Then, I found Meg and I understood how to start small and make improvements.

FINALLY, I felt like SEO was something I could actually do, and now I have a step-by-step plan to follow.”

Kristi Porter
Copywriter & Consultant
Signify Solutions

“SEO normally fries my head, but Meg made everything so clear that I even found myself getting excited about SEO. 😉

She takes you through everything step by step and explains how it all works in such an interesting and engaging way. Highly recommended.

Implementing Meg’s tactics will make a huge positive difference to your business.”

Angela Sherman
Travel Blogger

“I just finished an online SEO course with Meg, and I was blown away by the value she provided.

I have a much better idea of how to move forward with SEO now. The videos were concise and to the point, while still being clear, and the added workbooks and checklists meant I have something to reference as I make changes to my website.

Highly recommend!”

Gill Hill
Writer & Editor
gill hill edits

I can barely spell SEO. Am I tech-savvy enough to SEO my site?

If you can publish a blog post, you’re tech-savvy enough for most SEO tactics.
These videos are short & tactical, and spoken in plain English, not jargon.

But my industry is too competitive, I’ll never show up.

You don’t have to be #1 for your entire market. You just need to show up in searches for the specific things your ideal client needs — and you’ll learn how to find those search terms in lesson two.

Is this platform-specific? Like only for WordPress?

No. Google doesn’t care if you’re on WordPress or Squarespace or Wix or Kajabi or Weebly or Kartra or Shopify or Showit or anything else. What it does care about is that your site loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and is secure.
About 80% of my students are on WordPress & Squarespace, so I show tutorials on those platforms.
If you’re on a different platform, all the same rules will apply and you can still SEO your site … but you might need to do some Googling to figure out where to put the information you collect throughout the course. (I simply can’t be an expert on 20+ different platforms!)

But I don’t have time to DIY this.

Do you have time to be constantly checking facebook groups? Or doing the follow/unfollow nonsense on Instagram? You can spend that time on this instead, and continue to get traffic to your website forever. (Unlike that Instagram story, which is built to expire tomorrow.)
The runtime for the videos combined is about 90 minutes … about the same as re-watching Mean Girls. (Ok, you can re-watch it while you use the trainings to update your website. Win-win!)

Every hour your website is invisible to Google is another hour your ideal clients are finding your competitors and hiring them instead. 

So ask yourself…

Why would you wanna keep saying no to fun nights out because you’re too busy
“connecting with potential leads in FB groups” (aka indulging the social scroll)?

When your website’s your best employee, you can take that week-long girls’ trip and still come home to new subscribers on your list and new leads in your inbox.

You might even impress your friends by getting payment notifications over brunch. 
Be the one who gets found on Google and enjoys all the perks…

when you sign up today for

Buy now for $199

or three payments of $75