What if marketing your business could be *gasp* fun?! 🤭

Marketing shouldn’t be a boring, lonely daily chore. But so many small business owners resent their marketing as a waste of time & energy.

🌏 they post every day in all.the.places, but those likes don’t turn into leads

👯‍♀️ they have online followers but not business friends

😴 they’re so freaking tired of coming up with new topics to talk about (when nobody reads it anyway) 

If you’re tired of the marketing hamster wheel, you’re not alone.

I have a theory that women entrepreneurs are deeply reliant on social media, not because it gets the best results, but because we’re social creatures who want so badly to connect.

And even though we know that we could use content to create long-term results, we can’t find the motivation to prioritize content creation … because we crave the dopamine hit that comes from social engagement.

But what if there was a space to get that crowd support & excitement around writing blog posts that will actually bring in new clients? 


SEO Summer Camp 

a 100-day virtual, asynchronous experience for small business owners
to improve their digital marketing

May 24-Sept 1

meet your camp counselors

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What exactly is SEO Summer Camp?

SEO Summer Camp is a virtual experience for entrepreneurs & small business owners to improve their digital marketing in a relaxed, playful environment that fits into their schedules no live events required!

Depending on your interests, you can learn SEO + content marketing skills, find practical tactics to become less dependent on social media, and meet other campers with similar goals and interests … all from the comfort of your own home. No peeing in the woods required.

We’ll have 100 days together (May 24-Sept 1), so there’s no rush to learn + complete everything at once, and no hard deadlines to hit.

Your goals will be set for the summer, so  you can to take a week off—or even a whole month!—and let your content continue to bring in new leads, guilt-free.

In fact, there is no “falling behind” in SEO Summer Camp. You set your own goals and decide what’s interesting to you, then get support to pursue it. No need to do it all.

Want to learn archery? A specialist can teach you. Not interested in arts & crafts? Take a nap instead.

It’s a leisurely stroll to grow your online marketing, one kayak-stroke at a time … surrounded by Pawnee Goddesses:

Who’s a good fit for SEO Summer Camp?

There’s something for everybody at SEO Summer Camp … but you don’t have to do everything!

Beginner businesses with limited marketing time

You know you want to start creating SEO content but don’t know where to start? (And don’t have a ton of time?)

Your goal might be:

  • Publish 3 new SEO-optimized blog posts by the end of the summer

You can:

  • Take the 10-Day SEO Boot Camp training
  • Watch the June trainings about finding time in your day to create content
  • Submit your finished blog posts for the weekly Roll Call email so that the community can celebrate your hard word
  • Use your Cabin for accountability support

Prolific content marketers with archives of posts

You’ve spent years making content without thinking about SEO. Spend your summer updating & optimizing your existing content, so it performs better for you long term.

Your goal might be:

  • Update 2 existing posts. or products every month

You can:

  • Watch the Revive Your Content Graveyard training
  • Watch the August trainings about re-purposing your content & tracking its reach
  • Submit your questions in the Tuesday SEO Coaching thread

Social Butterfly & Connector

You know that the best part of camp is sitting on the Cabin steps while somebody plays guitar. 

Your goal might be:

  • Have coffee dates with 10 other Campers by end of summer

You can:

  • Join the Friday bonfires
  • Connect with the Campers in your Cabin
  • Read the weekly Roll Call emails that share published content & DM people who are producing interesting content
  • Encourage your fellow Cabin-mates in the monthly challenge 

Merit badge chaser

You can’t get enough of digital marketing, and want to try out all the strategies to build a system that will sustainably bring you more search traffic.

Your goal might be:

  • Produce a weekly video/podcast/blog post
  • Double your search traffic this summer

You can:

  • Do the 10-Day SEO Blogging Boot Camp
  • Watch all 12 Camp Counselor guest trainings, and submit questions in the Thursday Counselor AMA threads

Dip in & out Diver

You want to disconnect from your computer this summer and spend as much time as possible enjoying sunshine, not blue light

Your goal might be:

  • Take the month of August OFF marketing your business, but still get new leads

You can:

  • Do the 10-Day SEO Blogging Boot Camp
  • Batch & schedule your content to cover for your absence
  • Come back in the fall feeling refreshed with a strong pipeline of new subscribers

Meet Your Camp Director

Meg Casebolt, SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist and Founder of Love At First Search

I never went to summer camp as a kid — my mom was a teacher, so we stayed home  — but during college I worked as a counselor at a church camp in Georgia. I loved the experience of welcoming new campers each week, building deep relationships with my fellow counselors from all over the world (I’m still in touch with many of them 16 years later!), and of course all-you-can-eat s’mores.

2005 Camp Counselor, covered in raw egg & chocolate sauce

2021 Responsible (& boring?) grown up

 The carefree days of summer camp are gone now, as the responsibilities of being a wife, mom, entrepreneur have taken over … and I want some of that experience of sitting by the campfire for hours, telling stories and sharing dreams.

I believe entrepreneurship can foster connection … but the social media channels that we’re using are built for quick, shallow engagement, not deep connection.
Plus I believe deeply that the time that you spend on your marketing should provide lasting dividends, not disappear from sight within a day.

So I’ve created SEO Summer Camp as a space for business owners to learn content marketing strategies, have a time & space to actually create, and to connect with other likeminded entrepreneurs who are tired of the social media hamster wheel & want to create something that works for them. 

What are the benefits of SEO Summer Camp?

Earn SEO & Content Marketing Merit Badges

In week 1, we’ll have a live (recorded!) workshop to help you come up with a summer content plan.

Then you’ll have weekly prompts & support to actually make it happen.

By the end of the summer, you should have 5-12 pieces of content DONE.

Decrease Dependence on Social Media

Social media is a wonderful digital marketing tool … but it can sometimes feel like a weight around your neck.

By focusing your energy on creating evergreen content, you’ll need to feel less chained to your phone … and you can guilt-free sit in the hammock for the afternoon without creating a Story about it.

Connect with Other Small Business Owners

Notice we said “connect,” not “network.”

Connect with any other campers on our Circle community, and you’ll be assigned into a cabin for small group accountability. 

And join us for our weekly “bonfire” (Fridays at 1pm EST) for a chance to talk openly with your fellow campers.

So how does SEO Summer Camp work, exactly?

Well, it’s kind of like a buffet: you choose your favorite parts (mmm nacho night) and pass right by the things you don’t need (I’ll pass on the grits, thanks).

When you first sign up you’ll get immediate access to these:

SEO 10-Day Blog Bootcamp

You’ll get instant access to the SEO 10-Day Blog Bootcamp from Love At First Search, which covers how to find amazing content ideas and write blogs that Google loves & people actually want to read.

This will be our rough curriculum for the summer, as we work to create a consistent content creation process.

Virtual Camp Community

You’ll be welcomed into our online SEO Summer Camp in Circle, where you’ll join a “Cabin,” which will be both you accountability small group & your team for our monthly content challenges.

If you already know a Cabin Leader, you can join their Cabin; otherwise, you’ll be assigned to a Cabin with entrepreneurs in a similar industry/time zone to you.

If you want to go deeper, you can take enjoy any of the 12 additional content marketing trainings.

On the first of the month, 4 new trainings from our Camp Counselors will be released; you can watch whichever is interesting to you. 

Every Thursday, one Camp Counselor will host an Ask-Me-Anything thread in our virtual community so you can ask them questions about their topic.

All these trainings will be asynchronous, so you don’t have to be in a specific time zone to learn from the best & get your questions answered.

Plus, we’ll have fun collaborations & playful competitions

Every month we’ll have a “Color Wars” week where the Cabins will compete against each other in playful marketing challenges, inspired by the Counselors’ trainings and Campers’ input. 

The monthly victorious Cabin will win prizes from that month’s featured Counselors!

Don’t worry … no Dirty Dancing talent shows or Wet Hot American Summer dance offs required →

Your Camp Counselors

June: Content Planning

Kyla Roma

Kyla Roma

 marketing strategist

Orienteering: Your Marketing Compass & North Star

Lacy Boggs

Lacy Boggs

 Content Direction Agency

Nature Hike through the Customer Awareness Spectrum

Sweta Vikram

Sweta Vikram

award winning author & health coach

Lap swim: Finding time to write, without burning out

Megan Flatt

Megan Flatt

business & productivity coach

Buddy system: Using virtual co-working to boost productivity

Stephanie Hayes

Stephanie Hayes

 online business strategist

Roller Skating: Aligning your Content with your Offers

July: Creating Engaging Content Consistently

Sophy Dale

Sophy Dale

Sophy Dale Copywriting

Ouija boards: Make your ideal customers think you can mind read

Victoria Levitan

Victoria Levitan

Youtube Video Strategist

Talent Show: Creating YouTube content that converts

Theresa Truong

Theresa Truong

Operations Management

Cafeteria duty: Building content production processes

Cassie Brkich

Cassie Brkich

web design studio for small businesses

Landscape Painting: Graphic design to make your content stand out

Jaclyn Mellone

Jaclyn Mellone

podcast marketing coach

WSEO Radio Hour: Podcasting to get more clients

August: Converting & Re-purposing

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones

 Onlinedrea & Savvy Social School

Yearbook Signing: 
Promoting your evergreen content on social media

Lanie Lamarre

Lanie Lamarre

marketing analytics

Bird watching: Track if your content is working

Precious Rodgers

Precious Rodgers

The Pinterest Badass

Arts & Crafts: Using Pinterest to share your content

Brittany Berger

Brittany Berger

Content Remix DJ

80s + 90s Dance Party: Remix, repurpose, and remaster your content

Erika Tebbens

Erika Tebbens

Sales + Marketing Coach

80s + 90s Dance Party: Your content works, now how do you close a client?

Weekly Agenda

All events are completely optional; these are just fun ways to keep in touch and stay accountable throughout the week.



roll call

Email sharing any published posts, video or podcasts by Campers


seo Q&A

Have SEO questions? Leave ’em in this weekly thread & every Tuesday, Meg will pop in to answer them.


work in progress

Stuck on content? Looking for a collaboration buddy?  Post in this weekly thread asking for feedback or connections.


expert q&a

One Camp Counselor will log-in every Thursday for an Ask-Me-Anything thread to answer your questions.

friday: bonfire

The ONLY live event at camp; every week Meg will open a Zoom room and we can just talk about whatever is on your mind.

June 4, July 2, August 6: 9am EST, 2pm GMT (Hello, Europeans)

June 11, July 9, August 13: 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm GMT

June 18, July 16, August 20: 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT

June 24, July 22, August 26: 5pm PST, 8pm EST, 10am AEST
(note: this is a Thursday in North America so the Aussies get a Friday)

What’s included in SEO Summer Camp?


Course: SEO 10-Day Blogging Bootcamp (value: $149)

  • Instant access to all training materials
  • 10 daily email prompts to guide you through the bootcamp lessons 
  • Checklists and templates to keep you on track 
  • Bonus #1: Revive your Content Graveyard 
  • Bonus #2: Systems & Tools Checklist 
  • Bonus #3: SEO Tracking Trello Board

Private Community (Circle.so)

A place to connect online, without needing to log-in to social media and get distracted by the doom scroll.

3-month virtual co-working membership (Value: $87)

Focus Sessions are 90-minute virtual coworking sessions so you can get the important things done that move your business goals forward. Your membership gets you unlimited Focus Sessions each week, all facilitated by a Focus Session Host. It’s like a gym, but for productivity.

It’s the most productive 90 minutes of your day.

When does SEO Summer Camp start & end?

Camp opens May 24 and closes September 1.

That’s 100 days to accomplish your goals, break undesirable marketing habits, and make new friends.

How much SEO will I learn?

As soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to the Love At First Search 10-day SEO Boot Camp, which will give you the basics of how to choose your topics, find your first keywords, and get writing. 

Camp’s goal is to get you into the PRACTICE of creating content, not to understand all the theory.

How will this be organized, a Facebook Group or something?

All the trainings and accountability check-ins will happen in Circle Communities. There will be no need to log in to your Facebook or Instagram at any point during camp.

(But you might want to connect with your fellow campers on these platforms to keep in touch after camp closes!)

What are the Cabins?

You’ll be assigned to a specific Cabin for small group accountability. Your Cabin Leader will be familiar with SEO principles and will lead regular check-ins to help you get unstuck.

Once a month we’ll have a “Color Wars” style sprint so the cabins will compete against each other for a prize.

Can I give up on social media and only do content marketing?

Sure, if you want! Some of our more hardcore campers are taking doing an SEO Only summer, where their primary marketing time will be focused on creating content then repurposing it for social.

There are zero requirements about how you should behave. I’m not your mom, and I won’t call her to report on you.

What can I expect to accomplish?

Whatever you set your mind to. Seriously.

During our May kickoff session, we’ll talk about reasonable goals for what you can expect to produce in 100 days. 

Some people will end the summer with 30 new videos, podcasts & blogs; others will end with 3. 

Your output doesn’t matter to us, your intention and consistency are what we’re focused on here.

How is this different from Attract & Activate, Meg's SEO Membership?

Attract & Activate is a much more comprehensive program to deeply understand keyword research, link building, local SEO, on-site optimization & data analysis. It also has regular group coaching & feedback from Meg.

SEO Summer Camp is less about theory and more about creating a replicable content process, being accountable to your goals, and having a space to share your published work & celebrate your wins.

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