If your 2022 summer goal is to spend less time at your desk,

while your marketing keeps working for you …

grab your bunk at the 2nd Annual

SEO Summer Camp 

an online community for small business owners to
maximize their content marketing outcomes and minimize their time

You started your business to do work you love. But instead, it feels like you’re spending all your time on marketing that may not work.

We get stuck on the “marketing hamster wheel,” which could look like:

🤳🏻 posting nonstop on social media

We’ve been told to post…

  • Facebook page: 1-2/day
  • Facebook group: 1-2/day
  • LinkedIn: 1-3/day
  • Twitter: 3-5 day
  • IG feed: 2-3/week
  • IG reels: 2-3/week

And all that content will expire with 36 hours, but you’re afraid to stop because the algorithm might punish you. 

📧 collecting emails, but not sending value

We’ve also been told 🍌“There’s always money in the banana stand”  “The money is in the list,” so we create lead magnets and collect subscribers.

But figuring out what to actually say in the email is challenging!

So often we neglect to nurture our email list until between sales cycles, and they feel like you only care about their wallets. Ouch.

🎢 riding the lead gen roller coaster

You’re so busy working with your clients or fulfilling orders that you don’t have time to market your business.

Then when your workload slows down, you have to hustle to refill your pipeline … until you’re overwhelmed again. 

But it doesn’t have to feel like a daily slog. 

SEO Summer Camp is a 6-week virtual community
to help business owners build marketing systems to effectively
plan, produce, repurpose and revitalize content

Camp opens July 5 and closes August 19.

Depending on your current marketing assets, we suggest spending that 6 weeks in one of two ways:

Update & optimize

brush the dust off any existing marketing assets, update their content to be more search-friendly, and come up with a re-distribution plan

Create intentionally

choose 1-2 topics for new intentional content, and work through the full content creation system to get your new ideas out onto all your marketing channels

What’s included in SEO Summer Camp?

SEO Blogging Bootcamp Course (value: $149)

You’ll get instant access to the SEO 10-Day Blog Bootcamp from Love At First Search, which covers how to find amazing content ideas and write blogs that Google loves & people actually want to read.

You’ll learn how to: find ideas for content, do basic keyword research to validate your ideas, structure your posts for SEO, and increase your click-through rate from Google.

  • 10 daily email prompts to guide you through the bootcamp lessons
  • Checklists and templates to keep you on track
  • Bonus #1: Revive your Content Graveyard
  • Bonus #2: Systems & Tools Checklist
  • Bonus #3: SEO Tracking Trello Board

*NEW* SEO Content Maximizer (value: $249)

Get your hands on our Love At First Search systems: follow the exact processes we use to turn every podcast + YouTube video into its own blog, newsletter, and social media content.

(To give some context: In about ~8 hours/week, we produce 1 YouTube video, 1 podcast, 2 blog posts, 1 newsletter, and 5 new social media posts, then spend about ~1 hour/week updating and repurposing.)

We’ll be building this product this summer, so you can be involved in the co-creation! Get in on the ground floor to get all your questions answered and make sure the ClickUp & Airtable templates work for your specific needs.

Private Community

Connect with fellow campers, gather resources, and share your victories in our community built on Circle (not social media, so you won’t get distracted by the doom scroll).

2 month Virtual Co-working Membership

Your Focus Sessions membership (value: $78) gets you unlimited  90-minute virtual co-working sessions. It’s like a gym, but for productivity.

Monthly Bonfire

Come brainstorm ideas & connect with your fellow Campers at this informal Zoom bonfire.

Plus 5 bonus trainings on converting leads, creating standout content & tracking your success:

Andrea Jones

Andrea Jones

social media

Yearbook Signing: 
Promote your evergreen content on social media

Lanie Lamarre

Lanie Lamarre

marketing analytics

Bird watching: 
Track if your content is working

Kyla Roma

Kyla Roma

 marketing strategist

Your Marketing Compass & North Star

Cassie Brkich

Cassie Brkich

web design studio

Landscape Painting: Graphic design to make your content stand out

Erika Tebbens

Erika Tebbens

Sales + Marketing 

Friendship Bracelets: Your content works, now how do you close a client?

This year, we’re walking the repurposing talk

Last year, for SEO Summer Camp 2021, we recorded 15 incredible conversations with  content marketing experts.

In June & July 2022, we’ll release 9 of those conversations as free podcast interview … because we’re all about repurposing around here!

Enjoy these conversations about …

Stephanie Hayes

Stephanie Hayes

 online business strategist

Roller Skating: Aligning your Content with your Offers

Sweta Vikram

Sweta Vikram

award winning author & health coach

Lap swim: Finding time to write, without burning out

Megan Flatt

Megan Flatt

business & productivity coach

Buddy system: Using virtual co-working to boost productivity

Sophy Dale

Sophy Dale

Sophy Dale Copywriting

Ouija boards: Make your ideal customers think you can mind read

Lacy Boggs

Lacy Boggs

 Content Direction Agency

Nature Hike through the Customer Awareness Spectrum

Jaclyn Mellone

Jaclyn Mellone

podcast marketing coach

WSEO Radio Hour: Podcasting to get more clients

Presh Rodgers

Presh Rodgers

The Pinterest Badass

Arts & Crafts: Using Pinterest to share your content

Victoria Levitan

Victoria Levitan

Youtube Video Strategist

Talent Show: Creating YouTube content that converts

Theresa Truong

Theresa Truong

Operations Management

Cafeteria duty: Building content production processes

Meet Your Camp Director

Meg Casebolt, Founder of Love At First Search and Host of the Social Slowdown podcast

During college I worked as a counselor at a church camp in Georgia. I loved the experience of welcoming new campers each week, building deep relationships with my fellow counselors from all over the world (I’m still in touch with many of them 16 years later!), learning to French-braid my hair, telling campfire ghost stories, and of course all-you-can-eat s’mores.

2005 Camp Counselor, covered in raw egg & chocolate sauce

2022 Responsible (& boring?) grown up sending my own kid to camp

 The carefree days of summer camp are gone now, as the responsibilities of being a wife, mom, entrepreneur have taken over … and this summer, I want to spend less time at the computer, and soaking up the sun in the Finger Lakes, floating in my neighbor’s pool and reading romance novels in the backyard hammock.

That’s why I’m encouraging other entrepreneurs to set up their marketing to continue working for them long term, instead of being attached to the social media channels that require constant feeding & attention. I believe deeply that  your marketing should provide lasting dividends, not disappear within a day.

That’s why our marketing process at Love At First Search has a simple flow, to maximize the work of everything we create:

1️⃣ PLAN

We never guess what our audience needs, or create without intention.

Everything starts from simple keyword research, using the words our customers use.


We use simple templates & checklists to prevent overanalysis and decrease bottlenecks, allowing for easy content production delegation to team members.


Instead of creating different assets for every platform, we think of our marketing like  an ecosystem, with the same messaging distributed across multiple channels.


We regularly audit our assets — both external (like video analytics), and internal (like emails & proposals).

We dust off the hidden gems and put them into circulation.

When does SEO Summer Camp start & end?

Camp opens July 5 and closes August 19.

That’s 6 weeks to either:

brush the dust off any existing marketing assets, update their content to be more search-friendly, and come up with a re-distribution plan, OR

choose 1-2 topics for new intentional content, and work through the full content creation system to get your new ideas out onto all your marketing channels

How much SEO will I learn?

As soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to the Love At First Search 10-day SEO Boot Camp, which will give you the basics of how to choose your topics, find your first keywords, and get writing.

Camp’s goal is to get you into the PRACTICE of creating content, not to understand all the theory.

How will this be organized, a Facebook Group or something?

All the trainings and accountability check-ins will happen in Circle Communities. There will be no need to log in to your Facebook or Instagram at any point during camp.

(But you might want to connect with your fellow campers on these platforms to keep in touch after camp closes!)

Can I give up on social media and only do content marketing?

Sure, if you want! Some of our more hardcore campers are taking doing an SEO Only summer, where their primary marketing time will be focused on creating content then repurposing it for social.

There are zero requirements about how you should behave. I’m not your mom, and I won’t call her to report on you.

How is this different from Attract & Activate membership?

Attract & Activate is a much more comprehensive program to deeply understand keyword research, link building, local SEO, on-site optimization & data analysis. It also has regular group coaching & feedback.

SEO Summer Camp is less about theory and more about creating a replicable content process.

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