SEOctober 2020 SEO Challenge | Love at First Search


You’ve heard that writing blog posts to help you get found on Google is important … but every time you try to learn how, you get overwhelmed by all the jargon and tasks.

Do you want to wake up to new client inquiries & email subscribers (without needing to pay for expensive ads?)

Well, I’m no fairy godmother (more of a Wonder Woman), but your wish has been granted …


free 5-minute training every weekday IN OCTOBER

to help your ideal clients find you on Google.

Here at Love At First Search, we’re singularly devoted to helping womxn-owned businesses get found in search results, and create websites that turn visitors into leads & subscribers.

We work with entrepreneurs who want their websites to get found on Google for their brilliance and turn readers into buyers.

SEO has a reputation for being intimidating & boring … but it doesn’t have to be. 

We’re packaging what we know about both SEO and about the way that adults learn new information into a month-long challenge to help you adjust your website to get more traffic, and to build a habit of using content to attract new leads. 

the SEOctober challenge leverages community and accountability.

Let’s be serious: If you have a training sitting on your desk without a deadline, it might never get done. And for so many of us, SEO is one of those “important but not urgent” tasks that often gets continuously pushed to the bottom of our to-do list, so it never gets done.

But if you’re working through a specific process with a group of people, and you get the support you need to succeed, and you’re rewarded for your hard work … then you’re more likely to reach your goal of turning your website into a client attraction engine, without posting on social media nonstop.

So one new short (~5 minute) lesson will appear in your inbox every weekday, from October 1-31.

If you simply can’t commit to daily trainings and want all 22 lessons right away (and still qualify to earn the bonuses), OR if you prefer to binge your learning, you can grab the full set for only $29 after you sign up for the free version.

In SEOctober, you will learn …

  • what Google is looking for in a website
  • where your existing traffic is coming from
  • where to find the most relevant words to include in your website copy
  • how to get more of the right website visitors — people who want to actually buy from you!

At the end of the month, I wish I could reward you with Snickers & Butterfingers (no Reese’s, those are mine) … but the internet doesn’t work that way.

So instead, you’ll earn what I can share:

10 lessons

  • SEO Your First Blog Post ($19 value)
  • Eligible for live website Flash Review ($197 value) if completed by 10/15

15 lessons

  • SEO Your First Blog Post ($19 value)
  • SEO Playbook ($49 value)

  • 10% off Attract & Activate

all 22 lessons

  • SEO Your First Blog Post ($19 value)
  • SEO Playbook ($49 value)
  • 20% off Attract & Activate

Enter to win FREE membership in Attract & Activate for 2 lucky SEOctober finishers!