Do you want more traffic on your website?

You’ve heard that writing blog posts to help you get found on Google is important … but every time you try to learn how, you get overwhelmed by all the jargon and tasks.

Do you want to wake up to new client inquiries & email subscribers (without needing to pay for expensive ads?)

Well, I’m no fairy godmother (more of a Wonder Woman), but your wish has been granted …


A new, free 5-minute training every weekday to write blog posts that will help your ideal clients find you on Google.

Gather Round for a Ghost Story:

The Secret of the Revealing Lessons


If I’ve learned anything from years of teaching SEO to entrepreneurs, it’s this:

1. If you try to teach yourself SEO all in one day, you’ll pull your hair out.
(And not in the cool way, like Doc from Back to the Future. Think Uncle Fester from the Addams Family.)

2. If you have a training sitting on your desk without a timeline, it might never get done.

So the lessons aren’t being slowly revealed just for funsies! They’re my way to keep you rewarded for showing up every day and sticking with the tougher lessons.

(Because yes, there will be some technical trainings. But you can do hard things. I believe in you.)

And if you simply can’t commit to daily trainings and want all 24 lessons right away (and still qualify to earn the bonuses), you can grab the full set for only $24 after you sign up for the free version.


In SEOctober, you will learn …

  • How to organize your blog posts to be Google-friendly
  • How to choose SEO keywords for each piece of content
  • How to update old blog posts to get more search traffic
  • How to set up Google Analytics & Search Console so you can track your success

At the end of the month, I wish I could reward you with Snickers & Butterfingers (no Reese’s, those are mine) … but the internet doesn’t work that way.

So instead, you’ll earn what I can share: discounts on Attract & Activate (my full SEO content course) + some custom SEO insights into your biz. The more lessons you complete, the more you earn … and 2 lucky 24-lesson finishers will win free access to Attract & Activate ($497 value).

Do you need the full course to get results? Hell no! Just think of this as the entry-level training, and Attract & Activate is the intermediate version. 

Complete 5 lessons

Earn 5% off my Attract & Activate program

Complete 10 lessons

10% Attract & Activate 
+ a free SEO Workbook
($50 value)

Complete 20 lessons

20% Attract & Activate
+ a free SEO Workbook
a Flash review of your site’s traffic & keywords
($197 value)

Complete all 24 lessons

30% off Attract & Activate
+ SEO Workbook
+ a Flash review of your site’s traffic & keywords
+ a 20-minute call with me
($97 value)