You want your website to be easily found by your ideal client. We can help.

Come join us for the 4th annual

🧲 Use your website to draw your ideal clients to your business … instead of chasing them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO, aka trying to get your website to rank on Google) has a reputation for being an tech-heavy & boring marketing tactic … but it doesn’t have to be.

What if you had a simple introduction to writing for SEO, that included support to make sure it makes sense for your business?

We’re packaging what we know about both SEO and about the way that adults learn new information into a month-long challenge to help you adjust your website to get search traffic from people who are already looking for what you offer. 

🐢 And this year, we’re slowing down & making it even easier.

In previous years, the challenge has been about quantity: 22-29 videos, delivered daily to your inbox, with prizes for completion.

This year, we’re simplifying: One training a week, released on Monday … then a group call on Wednesday to ask any questions, and an online community to make sure you know how this applies to your business & get feedback on your work.

👯‍♀️ The SEOctober Challenge leverages community and accountability.

Let’s be serious: If you have a training sitting on your desk without a deadline, it’s hard to complete. And for so many of us, SEO is one of those “important but not urgent” tasks that often gets continuously pushed to the bottom of our to-do list, so it never gets done.

But if you’re working through a specific process with a group of people, and you get the support you need to succeed, and you’re rewarded for your hard work … then you’re more likely to reach your goal of turning your website into a client attraction engine.

Here’s what we’ll cover in SEOctober

    Week 1: empathize with your ideal client

    Put yourself in the minds of who you want to reach. What problems are they trying to solve? Why do you they need your offer now?

    Week 2: find the words they use

    When they search now, what words do they type in? Which businesses show up in those search results? What can we learn from Google about their behavior?

    Week 3: rewrite your copy

    Integrate what you learned from your research to make it easier for your people to find you and know they’re in the right place.

    Week 4: update your homepage

    Your homepage is probably the most important and most visited page on your website. Time to make changes Google will notice!

    When you sign up for SEOctober, you get:

    Weekly training

    We’ll release a new training every Monday morning: a video with transcript, posted in our community and sent to you via email.

    Q&A coaching call

    Hop on a Zoom call with Meg on Wednesday at 1pm EDT to discuss & crowdsource the practical application of the week’s lesson in your business.

    Online community

    The Love At First Search team can give you customized feedback and advice on your work … in Circle, not yet another Facebook group.