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 In addition to the SEOctober videos, Challenge participants will get:

Weekly live coaching calls or video feedback

On October 7 & 21 at 12pm EST, we’ll hop on Zoom to answer any questions that pop up for you. (Can’t make it live? Submit your Qs in advance.)

On October 14 & 28 at 12pm EST, we’ll do live website feedback for Challenge participants.

Online community for accountability & answers

Have questions about the modules? Want to get to know other amazing entrepreneurs working on their SEO? Hoping to improve your GIF game?

Our Circle community (not a Facebook group!) is a great place to get additional support and advice from the Love At First Search team.

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The more videos you watch and homework you submit, the more credit you earn towards future SEO courses or consulting sesions from Love At First Search.

  • 10 videos = earn $50 credit future purchases
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These can be credited towards any self-paced SEO courses, to the Attract & Activate membership, or towards 1:1 consulting calls with the Love At First Search team.

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