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When you run your own business, every minute counts…

including the time you spend promoting yourself.

You’ve seen the way that other people’s businesses thrive when they write Google-friendly content – they have full pipelines of clients.

But when you try to write viral blog posts, your ideas feel all over the place. How do you know what people are looking for? And how do you turn those readers into customers?

Stop guessing what your ideal clients need, and discover what they’re looking for before you start writing.

Because your ideal clients are out there searching for you…

right now

You can write content that will show up in search results and attract your ideal client to your site.

You can read their minds so that they feel instantly connected to you.

You can use your content to activate the behavior that leads to a sale (scheduling a consult call, joining your email list, putting an item in their cart).

And you don’t have to figure it out alone.

You just have to…

a 4-week live training program that helps entrepreneurs like you show up in search, be seen as an expert, and create a loyal following of raving fans.

Bring your ideas. Leave with an SEO-driven 12-week content plan.

In Attract & Activate, we’re focused entirely on using keyword research to read your clients minds.

In just one month, you’ll know exactly what to write every week to become known for your target topic.

The way Meg teaches is so clear! She talks about SEO in a way that’s straightforward and insightful, without being too technical. She’s changed the way I think about SEO and for the first time in 12 years of business, I feel like I can actually do this myself!

Kyla Roma

It’s noisy out there:


New pieces of content created online every 24 hours.


People trying to Google their way out of a problem every minute.


New blogs published every. single. day. (on WordPress alone)

And the businesses that invest in creating content that answers The RIGHT questions are the ones that get found and win.

Good SEO is about more than just getting found.

… it’s also about creating content that showcases you as the person who is uniquely equipped to solve your ideal client’s problems… positioning you as the obvious choice.

Showing up in search will help you expand your reach, build your platform and grow a steady, thriving client-base…

but getting found online is harder and more competitive than ever before.

Being mediocre isn’t good enough. To stand out, you need to have a smarter plan than your competition.

What if you could come up with a Google-savvy plan for what to write … without investing in expensive software or drowning in endless spreadsheets?

Attract & Activate isn’t a boring pre-recorded course full of dry, tech-y tutorials, or a self-paced course with a week-long wait for a reply to your inevitable questions.

Instead, you’ll get live weekly trainings, to take you through a proven SEO-driven content planning system. Within a month, you’ll have a foolproof 90-day writing plan.

And you won’t be going it alone, either.

Attract & Activate takes place in a community of savvy women entrepreneurs, who brainstorm together, share resources with each other, and hold each other accountable.

I cannot tell you how brilliant Attract & Activate is! I knew SEO was important, but nobody ever showed me how to put it together like Meg does.

I always knew I was missing a piece, like I wanted to communicate my thoughts but didn’t know how because I didn’t know how to interpret the charts and numbers. Meg has helped them make sense and I’m so excited that I know exactly what to do next!


Here’s What to expect:

group coaching

where we can workshop your content plan and customize strategy to your business needs

peer support

in a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions for group feedback and recommendations

personalized feedback

when your plan is ready, Meg will give a custom review

your spot in attract & activate is just:


or 3 payments of $197

I followed Meg’s instructions, and my website visits of the first quarter of 2019 surpassed the entire 2018 year. I’m now #12 on google, up from #60 three months ago. I’m so glad I listened to Meg!

Kelly Fridline

Hi, I’m Meg!

As the web design Wonder Woman behind Megabolt Digital, I’ve seen my share of smart and savvy business owners who invested a lot of time (and money) into their website with frustratingly little to show for it.

They had a great site. A gorgeous brand. A superhero service offering. But no one was finding them.

And worse yet? When they were getting found, those ideal clients were bouncing right back into the depths of the internet because their website didn’t position them as the answer to their clients’ problems.

I began to see a pattern: these entrepreneurs built their businesses all around relationships and impeccable service. They were succeeding in business because they cared and did great work.

But, when it came to creating an online presence that helped them get found by the people who needed them — and dazzle them when they did? They were coming up short.

There was a mismatch between how they built their business — people first — and the things they thought they needed to do to make SEO and blogging work for them.

So it’s my mission to help those heart-driven entrepreneurs to showcase what makes them wonderful. To stop feeling like the “best kept secret.” To be found – and paid good money! – for what they love to do.

So what does it take to

your dream clients?


  • Getting your systems in place to  know what’s working


  • Get into the head of your ideal client
  • Find your first topic to stake your claim 


  • Organize your posts and videos to make them Google-friendly

4: STRUCTURE FOr search

  • Discover the exact words that your ideal client is searching
  • Come up with a plan to showcase your expertise

5: PROMOTE YOUr content

  • Share your brilliance with the people who already know and love you

6: Track your success

  • Track how your content is performing
  • Find easy ways to improve it to get more leads & sales

The best part? I’ll be in the community, walking YOU through the process.

Sometimes this is a video review of your content plan. Sometimes it’s an “aha” moment during our weekly office hours. Sometimes it’s a pep talk that you can get found on Google, but it can take a few months. And sometimes (well, pretty often), it’s just a really appropriate gif placement. Sometimes it’s all of them:

I learned more in one hour with Meg than in a 6-month paid SEO course. She explains complex ideas in ways that I actually understand and am excited to implement!

Mindy Vassalle

You can keep throwing (blog) spaghetti at the (website) wall and getting the same (nonexistent) results.

Or you can learn this proven, easy-to-replicate system for bringing perfect leads to your site and helping them fall in love with you.

The choice is yours.



(or 3 payments of $197)