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A podcast for entrepreneurs & microbusinesses looking for sustainable marketing strategies … without being dependent on social media.

market your business

without being beholden to social media

Social media is a double-edged sword. It’s a wonderful way to stay connected … but it also feels like an addictive obligation. And it’s even more complex for businesses. Your audience might be right there … but you’ve gotta fight with algorithms to maybe be seen by them.

Whether you want to abandon Facebook altogether or just want to take a month off LinkedIn, it is possible to have a thriving business without social dependence. This podcast is all about finding creative, sustainable ways to engage with your audience … without needing to lipsync, send cold DMs, run ads or be available 24/7.

there are alternative marketing strategies

that might be less time consuming and better for your mental health

including but not limited to …

email marketing

Skip the middleman and reach out to your target audience, directly into their inbox


word-of-mouth referral generation

Personal relationships convert much better than cold outreach

joint partnerships

Don’t just talk to your people; borrow other audiences to share your expertise

community building

Foster brand loyalty, create connections between members, and get great feedback

content marketing

use audio, video & written content to be discovered and grow your audience on evergreen

pursuing curiosity

Sometimes you don’t have a plan, you’re just chasing inspiration, and it totally works out!

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What if instead of burning ourselves out by posting and engaging all the time, we built a sustainable marketing plan that values our time, energy, and mental health?

Meg Casebolt wrote the book on the intersection of entrepreneurship, social media, and mental health. 

Whether you want to abandon social media altogether, or you just want to take a month off, it’s possible to have a thriving business without being totally dependent on social media. This book explores creative, sustainable ways to engage with your audience without needing to lip sync, send cold DMs, run expensive Facebook Ads or be available 24/7.

If you want to spend less time and mental load on social media without it impacting your income, get this book on Amazon → 

Hey! I’m Meg Casebolt (she/her), host of Social Slowdown.

As the founder of Love At First Search, an SEO agency for brilliant & ambitious online entrepreneurs, I’ve talked to hundreds of business owners want to minimize their reliance on social media. So many of my conversations start with,

“I’m not sure what to do next, but I’m so tired of social media. I wish I could escape the grind, but I’m too scared to shut it down!”

Some of those folks are a good fit for SEO, and I’m happy to help them … but it’s not a fit for everyone. So I found myself regular sending referrals to experts using different marketing strategies.

And I recognized that plenty of entrepreneurs could benefit from this info, but don’t have access to my rolodex of amazing strategists. So I’m taking those conversations public in the Social Slowdown podcast.

I’ll also bring experience from running my own marketing business, where I’ve honed my chops & paid my dues by serving …

1:1 clients

paid students

years in biz

Cups Of Coffee

you don’t have to be available online 24/7 to be successful.

you can choose to close the laptop and do something you love, without nonstop fomo.

And I’ll be hear to support you on the exploration to find a way to market your business and fulfill your goals … while still having time to have a life.

Yes, it’s ok to eat dinner every night with your family, tend to your garden, go to that Tuesday morning yoga class, volunteer in your kids classroom, or read 132 books in a year. I do all these things and run a growing business.

It’s possible to have a life outside your work, I swear. It just requires you to be intentional in your choices.


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