you spend a lot of time planning for the future of your business.

Maybe you’re planning monthly promotions, or you’re sketching a launch calendar, or loading more into your social automation queues. 

It feels good to plan., We could all use some time dreaming about a bright, profitable, easy future.

But as you’re planning … are you evaluating what worked? Or just continuing the habits you’ve created, without knowing if they’re worth the time you’re spending on them?


in other words: how’s your marketing working for you?

If you’re like most of entrepreneurs & small business owners I work with, you’re probably spending lots of time and effort promoting your business on all over the internet, particularly on social media.

  • You answer questions in Facebook groups.
  • You re-tweet clever thoughts & blog posts on Twitter.
  • You loop your promotional images on Pinterest group boards.
  • You enjoy filters and share behind-the-scenes in Instagram stories.
  • You share your best advice on your YouTube channel.

You might also be writing guest posts, or pitching yourself on podcasts, or running Facebook Ads to build your email list … sometimes it feels like you’re trying everything & just hoping something, anything will work.

And you’re exhausted.

You love social media. But does it love you back?

Right now, you’re probably not sure how well your social media is helping people find your website. (And buy from you!)

This challenge will help you discover whether all the time you’re spending on social media is ACTUALLY directing traffic to your website, and which of the platforms is doing the best job of promoting your business (and not just eating up your time).


That’s Why I Created

How’s (Your Social) Doin’?

A FREE 3-day challenge to evaluate your social traffic … in less than 10 minutes a day!

Here’s what we’ll cover in the training:

Social performance

discover which social platforms are sending the most traffic to your website

Best Content

uncover which pages on your website are getting the most social traffic


Find the Overlap

view which social media platform is working best for each type of content

How are we going to find all this information? 

Before you guess — no, I don’t have X-ray vision as one of my superpowers.

But I do have a secret weapon in my utility belt: Google Analytics.

“Hold up, Meg,” I can hear you say as you back away slowly. “I don’t get Google Analytics. Like, I’m not even sure how to install it. And even when I have to data? Just looking at all those charts gives me a headache.”

Never fear, my friend. In this challenge, I’ll take your hand and walk you through exactly what to look at to understand what’s happening with your social traffic, and I’ll even show you how to install it if that icks you out. Even more importantly …

We’ll talk about how this data impacts your  marketing strategy. 

So if you want to spend more time making money and less time promoting yourself on social, sign up now.

Hey, I’m Meg, an SEO Specialist who helps my clients improve their websites to get listed in Google Search results.

I’ve also talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs & small business owners who are totally afraid of & overwhelmed by their data. I get it — numbers can be scary and confusing.

But knowing what’s working in your business (with supporting evidence) can also be empowering, and help you run your business more efficiently.

And now, I’ve taken my in-depth understanding of Google Analytics — a tool I use every day with my clients — and boiled it down into a FREE 3-day training, How’s (Your Social) Doin’, to understand the basics of not only how to find out your social traffic and popular content … but also to strategize about how that knowledge fits into your marketing strategy.