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Open positions:

Keyword Research & Content Strategy Coordinator

The content strategist supports the team in search engine optimization, content strategy, keyword research, and various other techniques to drive website traffic.

Our projects team applies effective SEO strategies to ensure that our clients’ brands attract and engage with the accurate target audience and convert into leads.

who we are

The Love At First Search team is made up of badass, ambitious women from all over the world, dedicated to helping online businesses run by entrepreneurs who are women, woman-identified or from marginalized communities (including BIPOC & LGBTQIA).

We work entirely remotely from our homes in the US, Canada & the UK. Our HQ is in Rochester, NY.

our core values

  • INCLUSION: Nobody should be left out of the benefits of search traffic because they don’t feel tech-savvy enough, employ large content marketing teams, or have 5 figures to invest in a marketing agency.
  • INTEGRITY: The online marketing space is full of false promises. We commit to conducting our sales, marketing and communication with honesty, accountability & respect.
  • PLAYFULNESS: Just because SEO is technical doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! We’ll find ways to explain complex topics in clear, memorable ways.
  • INNOVATIVE: We don’t do things “because everyone does it that way.” If there’s an alternative that works better for our team or our clients, we’re willing to explore possibilities.
  • GROWTH: Nobody knows everything, so we’re committed to continuous learning and evolution.
  • COLLABORATION: Whether within the team, with strategic partners, or with clients, we know we’re stronger together.