SEO Client Strategy Coordinator

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SEO Client Strategy Coordinator

Remote, Part Time Contractor Position 

Estimated hours: 10-15 / week, with opportunity to grow

Compensation Range: $25-35 / hour (or $1500-2500/mo, depending on experience & availability)


The Client Strategy Coordinator’s role is for an analyst that has a wide understanding of search engine concepts and techniques to apply effective SEO strategies to ensure that our brand attracts and engages with the accurate target audience and converts leads to clients.

This position is to lead search engine optimization content strategy for our amazing clients. A well-versed individual that can develop content and include phrases, keywords and conduct various testing methods, and set out techniques to drive website traffic.

This person is to be the first line of communication for all client support, manage client expectations and relationships, and ensure deliverables make it to clients on time and within budget.


  • Provide SEO analysis on client sites
  • Determine SEO keywords to drive the most valuable traffic
  • Create client presentations & quarterly reports
  • Craft effective CTAs to convert visitors to leads
  • Track important metrics including organic traffic & conversion rates
  • Administer support in development of SEO strategies for clients and our business


  • Place yourself as the first line of communication for all inquiries or support & manage client expectations throughout the contract
  • Stay on top of all 1:1 client interactions (emails, calls, Slack, etc.) to ensure clients receive promised resources, links, etc.
  • Schedule and host a project kickoff meeting, along with project check-ins
  • Organize client notes and ensure that CRM stays up to date with all client interactions
  • Ensure every active client receives a timely response to questions, meeting requests, support requests, etc.


  • Help manage day-to-day creative team project workflow: Assigning tasks and responsibilities, and managing team calendars & workloads
  • Streamlining communication between internal team members
  • Monitoring project progress and clearing roadblocks
  • Double-checking all project deliverables for accuracy
  • Delivering the final project and summary to the client


(familiarity with some tools suggested but not required)

  • Clickup: Project management tool
  • Gmail/G Suite/Gmelius: Email management
  • SEMRush: SEO keyword research tool
  • Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google Data Studio
  • Familiarity with website platforms, ideally WordPress, Squarespace & Shopify


  • Collaboration & communication: Good relationships with team members so that there is little pushback regarding strategic decisions and direction.
  • Time management & prioritization: Ability to juggle multiple timelines and deadlines, and organize projects based on team workload and client needs.
  • Work ethic: Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.
  • Willingness to learn & evolve: We’re willing to train the right candidate in the specifics of SEO strategy; what matters in our team is a collaborative approach & growth mindset.

The SEO Client Strategy Coordinator will also act always in alignment with our stated values:

  • INCLUSION: Nobody should be left out of the benefits of search traffic because they don’t feel tech-savvy enough, employ large content marketing teams, or have 5 figures to invest in a marketing agency.
  • INTEGRITY: The online marketing space is full of false promises. We commit to conducting our sales, marketing and communication with honesty, accountability & respect.
  • PLAYFULNESS: Just because SEO is technical doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! We’ll find ways to explain complex topics in clear, memorable ways.
  • INNOVATION: We don’t do things “because everyone does it that way.” If there’s an alternative that works better for our team or our clients, we’re willing to explore possibilities.
  • GROWTH: Nobody knows everything, so we’re committed to continuous learning and evolution.
  • COLLABORATION: Whether within the team, with strategic partners, or with clients, we know we’re stronger together.

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