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discover your

website superpowers

Every website has superpowers.

But like Clark Kent, sometimes our strengths are hidden.

Google Analytics is one tool for unmasking your website’s hidden talents … But it can be a lot to take in.

Maybe you’ve logged in to Google Analytics to try to understand how your website is performing … but you got totally overwhelmed by all the numbers.

Maybe you feel like all those charts & graphs are your version of Kryptonite.


Listen: It’s ok to feel overwhelmed by data.

But there’s power in knowing your numbers,

and maximizing your marketing time by doing what works.

I spend a lot of time looking at people’s website traffic (#EndlessSpreadsheets) and chatting about where they think their traffic is coming from, then comparing it against the reality.

And you know what I see all.the.time?

Business owners like you who spending a lot of time answering questions in Facebook groups, posting behind-the-scenes Instagram stories, re-tweeting influencers and pinning relevant posts in hopes of getting engagement on their pins.

You write blog posts & produce podcasts and videos, then push it out to all the social, constantly.

And then you cross your fingers that something resonates with your audiences.

You’re exhausted, and you don’t know what’s actually working.


And I just want to pour you a cup of coffee and whisper:

“It doesn’t need to be this hard.”

I can teach you to use your superpowers to make marketing so much easier. Imagine: 

  • You know exactly what your people want you to publish to make the payment notifications roll in.
  • You can see, at a glance, which of your marketing campaigns are killing it … and which are flopping.
  • You know how to track how well your website is performing, and gain insights to bring underperforming content to life.
  • Once you know what your readers love, you’ll find your secret weapons to turn browsers into raving fans and loyal customers.

You don’t need X-Ray vision or telekinesis to know how your website is performing. You just need to

Discover Your Website Superpowers

introductory offer of $197

I’m 7 minutes into the training and I’m losing my mind, it’s so good.

I’m totally gonna use the tools you recommend to improve my design process!

Suzi Istvan

Launch Design Strategist, Splendidly Curious

I was afraid I’d be overwhelmed, but after going through Meg’s training, I understand my website so much better. Meg takes complex ideas and makes them so, so easy to understand!

Natalie Taylor

Copywriter, The Missing Ink

This was designed just for you if …

  • You’ve been trying to promote your business … but still feel like you’re constantly struggling to be FOUND by your ideal clients
  • You’re tired of showing up everywhere — posting on social media 17 times a day, pitching guest posts, having endless “coffee chats” where people just want free advice — without having a constant flow of new leads
  • You know you’ve got an amazing offer that people would love to buy … you just can’t figure out the best way to tell them about it

Join now for $197

Evaluate what worked in 2018.

Use that powerful knowledge to plan your 2019 marketing strategy.

Module 1: Know Your Numbers

Learn how to analyze at the objective data that you’ve already collected to figure out how your readers are finding your website, what they’re doing when they arrive … and where you should be spending your time.

When you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Install Google Analytics
  • Identify the 4 different types of traffic (and know how each work for your website)
  • Understand how people found your website and what they did when they get there

Bonus Lesson: How to filter out spam traffic

Module 2: Follow the Money

Traffic doesn’t mean anything unless it gets you PAID. In this module we’re setting goals so we can track results.
This isn’t just about quantity — we want to know the quality of your readers.

When you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Define 2-3 actions you can track on your site (buy a product, book a consult, subscribe to your newsletter, watch a video)
  • See at a glance how many people actually do what you want them to
  • Compare the way people are finding your site with their actions once they arrive

Bonus: Calculate your goal value, so you know exactly how much each new reader and subscriber is worth.

Module 3: Discover Your Search Traffic

There’s a hidden layer of Google Analytics — it’s called Google Search Console. And once it’s installed (I’ll teach you that too!), you’ll be able to discover data that usually just shows up as “not available.” (Super helpful, Google, thanks for that …!)

When you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Install & access Google Search Console
  • Generate a list of which keywords currently driving traffic to your site
  • Uncover what pages are showing up in search results for specific queries, but not getting any clicks

Bonus Lesson: 3 simple things you can DO with this list to boost your search traffic

Superheros have special powers that make everything they do look easy. They can leap tall buildings in a single bound, slice open bad guys with Adamantium claws, and flawlessly outsmart supervillains.

When it comes to turning website traffic into leads, I can give you the superpowers that will make everything that much easier — but you’ve got to take the first step.


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing — and keep getting the same results.

Or you can stock up your utility belt, don your spandex, and to learn just a few simple skills that will skyrocket you and your website to superhero status.

Join now for $197