You started your business to help others.

But it feels like all you do is post about yourself.

In 280 character and 60 second snippets

You didn’t think marketing your business would be this draining.

You escaped the 9-5

… but the time freedom you were craving is now tied into a complicated algorithm.

You're an expert

 … but intellectual conversations have been replaced by cramming all your ideas into 60 second videos, timed to clever music.

Your audience is stagnant

You thought it would be easier — 8 year olds have thousands of followers! — but no matter how much you post, the metrics don’t move.

You're starting

and you’re looking for alternatives to social so you don’t get sucked into any unhealthy patterns

The social media companies don’t owe you anything.

They are primarily entertainment companies, not lead generation tools.

Social media platforms are businesses, just like yours. They’re built to keep people on their platforms so they can make money through ads … not to grow your business for you.

That’s can change their rules, shut down accounts, and choose whether (or not) to show your posts … and there’s nothing you can do about it. (I’ve got the hours of call logs to Facebook to re-start my mistakenly shut down account to prove it.)

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It is absolutely possible to build and scale an online business without being wholly dependent on social media.

There are dozens of ways to diversify your marketing, free up your time, grow faster and spend less time in a toxic environment.

Hey, There!

I’m your host, Meg Casebolt


As the founder of Love At First Search, an SEO agency for brilliant & ambitious online entrepreneurs, I’ve talked to hundreds of business owners want to minimize their reliance on social media. So many of my conversations start with,

“I’m not sure what to do next, but I’m so tired of social media. I wish I could escape the grind, but I’m too scared to shut it down!”

Some of those folks are a good fit for SEO, and I’m happy to help them … but it’s not a fit for everyone. So I found myself regular sending referrals to experts using different marketing strategies.

And I recognized that plenty of entrepreneurs could benefit from this info, but don’t have access to my rolodex of amazing strategists. So I’m taking those conversations public in the Social Slowdown podcast.

what is this podcast?

A conversation between digital marketers about promoting your business online without exclusive reliance on social media.

Topics may include: content, partnerships, referrals, guesting, email, webinars, summits, sponsorships, and more.

We’ll also share case studies of people that have become less dependent on social as a lead gen tool (and in doing so, may have decreased the pressure and stress of the platform so it can be fun again).

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