The Social Slowdown podcast is a podcast for entrepreneurs & microbusinesses looking for sustainable marketing strategies … without being dependent on social media.

If you feel like you’re spinning on the neverending social media hamster wheel trying to market your business, then this podcast is for you.

Whether it’s a conversation between digital marketers or a solo episode about mental health and social media, this podcast will give you some guidance in becoming less dependent on social media.

Topics may include: content, partnerships, referrals, guesting, email, webinars, summits, sponsorships, and more.

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What if instead of burning ourselves out by posting and engaging all the time, we built a sustainable marketing plan that values our time, energy, and mental health?

Meg Casebolt wrote the book on the intersection of entrepreneurship, social media, and mental health. 

Whether you want to abandon social media altogether, or you just want to take a month off, it’s possible to have a thriving business without being totally dependent on social media. This book explores creative, sustainable ways to engage with your audience without needing to lip sync, send cold DMs, run expensive Facebook Ads or be available 24/7.

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